Tom Arnold’s Wife Cites ‘Trump Obsession’ as Reason for Failed Marriage

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Tom Arnold's estranged wife has laid out the reasons for their failed marriage, blaming drug use and his obsession with President Trump.

Tom Arnold, a prominent Trump critic who allowed his obsession with President Trump to reach extremely unhealthy levels, now has a failed marriage partly because of his “fixation” with “taking down Donald Trump,” according to divorce papers.

Tom’s fixation on ‘taking down’ Donald Trump was an ongoing issue in our marriage,” Ashley Groussman Arnold said of her husband and his show on Viceland about finding the supposed Trump tapes.

It’s clear Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is a serious condition afflicting vast swathes of the liberal left and it has very serious consequences, including divorce.

Federalist Papers reports: There were two addictions that ruined the marriage of comedian and actor Tom Arnold, his wife said in their divorce documents.

The first was Arnold’s noted addiction to drugs and the other was his addiction to going after President Donald Trump, The Blast reported.

Ashley Groussman Arnold just filed documents, obtained by The Blast, in her ongoing divorce with Tom, asking for the court to establish child custody and support, as well as spousal support for herself.

Ashley is asking for $6,783 per month for their two children, Jax and Quinn, as well as $9,036 per month in spousal support. She’s basing those numbers off Tom’s reported 2017 income of $604,680.

In her declaration, Ashley goes into great detail about the marital struggles she endured with the “True Lies” star, and constantly points to his alleged drug abuse as a reason for the split.

Ashley says Tom’s behavior in the months leading up to their separation last year had been “increasingly erratic.” She says that after the split, Tom agreed to move out of the family home when it was listed for sale in December, but he has not yet left.

Instead, Ashley moved out and rented a home during the divorce proceedings, but claims, “Toms communications with me throughout these dissolution proceedings have been hostile and accusatory.”

“I had hoped that things would cool down after I moved out, but that has not been the case.” She said.

And she said at therapy Tom was “irrational and crazy during the sessions, which proved to be worthless as Tom did the exact opposite of everything we discussed during our sessions.”

“Since separation, Tom has continued to engage in non-child centered conduct and abuse of prescription drugs,” Ashley said.

“Tom’s fixation on ‘taking down’ Donald Trump was an ongoing issue in our marriage,” she said of Tom and his show on Viceland about finding the supposed Trump tapes.

“For the past two years it has consumed his life and presented numerous safety issues for our family,” she said.

She also said that Tom lied to the Secret Service about firearms being in his house when he was paid a visit after one of his threats to President Trump.

“Tom told the Secret Service he did not have any guns in our home. This is untrue,” Ashley said in the divorce papers.

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