Family Want Answers After Founder Of “Unlocking Autism” Found Dead In Canal

Fact checked

Jeana Beck a well known and and respected autism advocate was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Lincoln City on Friday.

She was reported missing by her son Jacob Smith, on Friday after she went out for a smoke the night before and never returned. At Around 9:40 p.m. on Friday evening she was found deceased in a canal.

Beck was a passionate advocate for autism research and awareness, she was also the founder of the nonprofit group “Unlocking Autism”.

Health Nut News reports:

Beck was traveling with her son, who is autistic. Police say she went outside to smoke but never came back. The next night, police found her deceased in a canal behind the Rodeway Inn where they were staying.  Police said almost immediately they do not suspect foul play, which many experts have found absurd.

We have talked to several in Beck’s camp, one of whom said that if she were murdered, they do not believe it had anything to do with her autism advocacy.

We’ve added a Go Fund Me link since someone in her camp asked us- we are of course more than happy to do so: you can donate to the GOFUNDME and read it here.

We know Unlocking Autism was a follower of Age of Autism. (Their editor, Dan Olmsted, was found dead earlier this year of alleged suicide.) As you can imagine, the family wants answers and aren’t ruling anything out.



  1. There’s so much wrong with the statement: “Police said almost immediately they don’t suspect foul play”
    Theres always an intense and thorough investigation following a murder of a high profile or controversial person/persons. So it could be that they were “instructed” to make that statement. I believe Big Pharma is behind it. Many natural Drs have been either found dead or they’ve been threatened into early retirement. Our own Dr (and very good friend) here where we live was very famous for Natural Hormone Therapy and he rcvd death threats. He quit his practice. We know first hand what Big Pharma is capable of!

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