Maxine Waters: Trump ‘Is an Illegitimate Racist Occupying the White House’

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Maxine Waters slams President Trump as an illegitimate racist occupying the White House

President Trump “is an illegitimate racist occupying the White House”, according to Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters.

Waters, who has an ongoing feud with the President, made the remarks on Sunday afternoon while being interviewed by CNN. She was responding to Trump’s tweet that suggested “progressive” members of Congress “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came.” reports: Waters said the tweet should not come as a shock to anyone given he is an “illegitimate racist.”

“I am surprised that anyone would be shocked by the racism of this president,” she said.

“The president is an illegitimate racist occupying the White House who has defined himself over and over again. Yes, he attacked these four women of color who are members of Congress who have been elected from their districts to come to the Congress of the United States and represent the people in their districts. They are certainly legitimate. He is not. This is a president who’s defined himself as a sexual predator, a liar, a con man. This is a man who has cheated young people who went to the fake university that he set up thinking they were going to become developers, etc. This is a man who lied about the president of the United States, Obama, on this birther movement.”

“But don’t forget, long before he was elected to office, he tried to get the Central Park 5 the death penalty,” she continued.

“He wanted them killed even though they were found not to be guilty of the crimes that they were being accused of. So what is it about anybody that we’d be surprised about what he would say or what he does? If there’s anything we should be talking about, it is the lack of the responsibility of the Congress of the United States to impeach him. He needs to be impeached. He has defined himself thoroughly. He is dangerous. He is divisive. And this is someone who does not understand or appreciate the Constitution of the United States of America. He needs to go. We need to be talking about impeachment.”


  1. Why Maxi ? You forgot he also was the first “white ” President who “removed” a black “family” from their home …..

  2. What racism? This old battle-axe does nothing but bitch about race when there is nothing to bitch about.

  3. Trump is the racist???

    As a brown skinned American Citizen of Latin/Hispanic & Native American descent whose first language is Spanish I can tell you that the most egregious/racist statement I have heard is from Democrats who continue to suggest that Trump “WANTS TO MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN” while continuously accusing him of being a “warmonger”!

    First of all, they & we all know that it would be an impossibility based on the fact that American Citizens, Black, White, & Brown hail from every corner of the globe & we are united by our belief in the rule of law & our sovereignty.

    Democrats continue to claim that they seek unity & that they would unite the nation.

    How is that even possible when they are making such blatantly racist statements??

    From where I sit it looks to me like they are in fact the “warmongers” who seek a war on U.S. soil between our citizens as they continually strive to divide & pit us against each other us based on race, skin color, heritage, religion, etc.

    Why make such a hateful vile statement if not for the express purpose of dividing the nation & our citizens, causing chaos, ginning up fear/anger, fanning the flames of dissent, & inciting violence??

    How does such a statement unite us as opposed to dividing us??

    How does dividing & labeling our citizens as privileged, racists, homophobes, nativists, populists, anti-Immigrant, bigots, xenophobes, fascists, white supremacists, imperialists, sexist, misogynist, islamophobic, anti-Semitic, transphobic, brown shirts, Nazis, KKK members, deplorable, irredeemable, ignorant, idiots, fools, simpletons, drug addicts (per Bill Maher), etc. unite us???

    Their list of negative labels is endless while they offer nothing constructive, positive, or uplifting.

    Democrats knowingly/purposely make such statements then employ “fake news ” mediums like CNN, MSNBC, the NYT, BuzzFeed, HuffPost, NBC News, Politico, NPR, PBS, Rolling Stone, ABC, CBS, National Review, The Washington Post, social media platforms like Twitter, Google, Facebook, etc., late night hosts like Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel, Stephen Colbert, & the liberal left in Hollywood to exponentially increase/amplify & telegraph the anger, rage, hatred, & violence of the Left, Progressives, Democrats, & their base across the nation/world to divide, destabilize, & damage the nation, the President, & our citizens. This explains why they are viewed as the enemies of the American people.

    So their plan is to divide us, pit us against each other, start a war on U.S. soil, & somehow expect us to believe that they alone have the power to unite us???? They obviously underestimate the intelligence of the American people.

    I have yet to hear Democratic party leaders reach out & call for unity or ask their base to tone down the violence nor have I heard them apologize to those who have attacked, assaulted, beaten, stabbed, shot and/or had their property damaged, destroyed, & set on fire simply for supporting/voting for Donald Trump.

    DOES THAT EVEN MAKE ANY SENSE (other than to Democrats)???

    Note to Democrats….

    The American people aren’t biting! You will not divide us & destroy the greatest nation on earth in the processs!!!

  4. “An illegitimate racist…” Hmmm So she is upset there is NOT a legitimate racist in the White house? 😉

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