Communist Party Transform Beautiful Paris Park Into Migrant Ghetto

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Paris Mayor backs Communist Party plans to turn public park into migrant ghetto

Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo has backed plans by the Communist Party to turn a beautiful Parisian park into a ghetto for Muslim migrants. 

Communist Party councillors have been granted permission to allow migrants to use the historic ten acre park as their makeshift home. reports: It is not the first time the park has been suggested as a place to house the city’s growing migrant population, many of whom are squatting in makeshift tent camps across the city. The proposal was previously rejected due to the distance of the site to the nearest public transportation.

Jean-Noël Aqua, a Communist adviser, said: “It would be nice if the whole territory, including the west of Paris, contributes to the effort of welcoming migrant people.”

The makeshift migrant camps in Paris have grown dramatically in recent weeks, with some estimating that as many as 550 migrants arrive in the French capital each week.

The camps have also led to problems in the city with young Moroccan street gangs harassing locals in certain areas and being blamed for thefts.

Last month, 1,600 Paris residents in the areas of La Chapelle, Goutte-d’Or, and Barbès demanded the government act to curb the growing criminality.

Earlier this week, the Grand Paris Run was cancelled as a major migrant camp had been established on the route the race was supposed to run through.


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  3. France deserves this camp…it what they think every country should have. I say give the French more refugees and give the US no refugees.

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