US Army Used Deadly Live Anthrax Spores In Europe Military Exercises

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German media report that the US military used deadly anthrax spores in chemical weapons defense training on a military base in Germany

Live anthrax

According to the article headlined  “US Army operated biological weapons in Germany,” the German newspaper Bild reported that the US military used deadly live anthrax spores in military exercises.

Sputnik News reports: The investigation revealed that several of the US military exercises on German soil involved “incidents” in which live anthrax spores were released. The incidents took place in the town of Landstuhl, near France, Luxembourg and the Ramstein military base. The US military previously sent live anthrax spores to South Korea.

The German defense ministry told the newspaper that the spores were not sent to any German military laboratories. The US military previously admitted that since 2005 it sent anthrax spores to South Korea, Australia and Canada, but not Germany.

According to current information, Bundeswehr servicemen were not put in danger,” the German defense ministry claimed in an inquiry to Bild.

The spores were supposed to be neutralized at the Dugway Proving Ground in the US state of Utah before being sent to the exercises, but the incident made “some spores even more active,” according to the newspaper.

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