Joe ‘Nostradamus’ Biden: America’s Suburbs Will Be Destroyed by ‘Hellish’ Fires If Trump Wins

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Joe Biden warns that America's suburbs will be destroyed by hellish fires if President Trump is reelected this November

Joe Biden has warned the American public that if they dare to re-elect President Trump this November, the country’s suburbs would be destroyed by “hellish” fires, floods, hurricanes, and superstorms.

Speaking during a campaign event on Monday in Wilmington, Delaware, Biden slammed President Trump as a “climate arsonist” as historic wildfires continue to ravage the West Coast.

Biden made the ominous Nostradamus-style prophecy during a speech on climate change while Trump was en route to California to be briefed on the devastating fires.

“Donald Trump’s climate denial may not have caused these fires and record floods and record hurricanes, but if he gets a second term, these hellish events will continue to become more common, more devastating and more deadly,” Biden divined.

“Wildfires are burning the suburbs in the West!” Biden preached, flailing his arms around as he raised his voice.

“Floods are wiping out suburban neighborhoods in the Midwest!

“Hurricanes are imperiling suburban life along our coast!”

“If we have four more years of Trump’s climate denial, how many suburbs will be burned in wildfires?” he frantically asked.

“How many suburban neighborhoods will have been flooded out?

“How many suburbs will have been blown away in superstorms?

“If you give a climate arsonist four more years in the White House, why would anyone be surprised if we have more of America ablaze?”

“We need a president who respects science,” Biden said.

“[A president] who understands that the damage from climate change is already here.”

WATCH: reports: Trump sparred with officials during his visit to California Monday over the cause of the wildfires and the best course moving forward to prevent them.

The president has suggested that poor forest management has much to do with igniting the fires.

“When trees fall down, after a short period of time … about 18 months, they become really dry. They become really like a matchstick … and they just explode,” Trump told reporters ahead of the roundtable discussion.

“Also leaves, if you have years of leaves, dried leaves on the ground, it just sets it up,” Trump added. “It’s really a fuel for a fire. So they have to do something about it.”

During the discussion, California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom shot back at the president after acknowledging poor forest management is a part of the problem, noting that 57% of California forests are on land controlled by the federal government.

The governor also pushed back on Trump’s perspective that climate change is not the primary cause of fires.

“The hots are getting hotter. The drys are getting drier,” Newsom asserted. “Something has happened to the plumbing of the world … and we submit the science is self evident that climate change is real. Please respect the difference of opinion out there.”


  1. Ohhh, so Gruesome Newsom ADMITS it’s just an ‘opinion’ then, NOT ‘settled science’… Got it…

  2. I’ve never had a problem with the idea that the climate could be undergoing another somewhat permanent change (only God knows all the changes it’s gone through before). What I do have a problem with is thinking somehow we can magically fix it. To me that is just laughable.

    • And science has caused it if its manmade not mankind And theyve done it for greed ,for live if money with all their inventions to ” improve quality if life ” by poisoning rivers, soils, by creating huge fire hazards ,by bombs and nuclear weapons and Electro magnetic frequencies and internal combustion engines and air conditioning and all the rest of it that even they admit is responsible,and yet still like slow learning retards they cant accept responsibility and admit if climate change is real its because of their stupidity ,bot because theyre clever .And so logically any of their solutions will more than likely make things far far far worse, not better ,at all . If its not true then we best still not let them ” fix it ” .

  3. Biden really knows because he & the other losers have it already planned. I suggest the military be placed on alert and ordered “shoot to kill” anyone trying stuff like that. Happy shooting.

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