U.S Can Prevent Iran From Getting Nukes

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John Brennan_CIA
John Brennan_CIA

CIA director John Brennan said in a broadcast on Sunday that the United States has a number of options when it comes to Iran and its nuclear bomb ambitions.

He told Fox News on Sunday that the United States has measures at hand that would stop the Islamic Republic becoming a nuclear power, even if the current talks between the two nations should fail.

The CIA chief did not elaborate on the measures available , except to say it would be perilous for Iran to advance along its previous path. He is more confident in dealing with Iran and has a better understanding of  Iran’s nuclear program.

The Iranian supreme leader has said in the past that the use of nuclear bombs is an immoral act of evil, and therefore there is no question of using such weapons, even on Iran’s enemies according to Islamic scholars.  However the idea of martyrdom and  fighting the big evil has not escaped the U.S and Israel who have made a global industry out of this fear. The West blames the Islamic Republic for the idea of Jihad (Self sacrifice/struggle for truth) which ended the Iran/Iraq war, by young men clearing Iraqi minefields using their persons. The Islamic Republic blames the West for supplying mustard gas to Saddam Hussein and satellite intelligence to use on soldiers and civilians, including the Kurds in Halabja.

Times of India reports: “There are a number of things that the United States has available to it to prevent Iran from getting a bomb,” the director of the Central Intelligence Agency said.

Iran and six world powers are in negotiations to clinch a landmark deal that would have the country scale back its disputed nuclear program in return for relief from sanctions.

“President Obama has made it very clear that we are going to prevent Iran from having that type of nuclear weapon that they were … going on the track to obtain,” Brennan added.

“So, if they decide to go down that route, they know that they will do so at their peril.”

In response to a question about America’s track record in monitoring Iran’s nuclear program, Brennan acknowledged that US intelligence had historically been less than ideal on the issue.

“I think we’ve gone to school on some of those developments over the last decade or so,” he said.

“We can now have a better plan and opportunity to verify some of the things that they are saying they are going to do and not do.”

Asked about reports of an underground nuclear site near Tehran, Brennan said: “I am confident that we have a good understanding of what the Iranian nuclear program entails.”





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