Macron: We Lied About Syria Having Chemical Weapons

Fact checked
French President Emmanuel Macron admits Western government's lied about Syria having chemical weapons

French President Emmanuel Macron has admitted that Western government’s have lied to the public about Syria having chemical weapons. 

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday evening, Macron announced that France refuses to invade Syria due to the fact that no “proven evidence” exists that shows President Bashar Assad’s government used chemical weapons against civilians.

AP reports: Macron told reporters on Tuesday evening France “will strike the place where they are launched or where they are prepared.”

He acknowledged that French intelligence services don’t have the necessary proof to this day that “chemical weapons banned by the treaties have been used against civilian populations.”

Since the beginning of the year, there have been some reports of suspected chlorine attacks in Syria — including at a rebel-held town in February where several were treated for breathing problems.

France said chemical analysis of a deadly sarin gas attack in Syria last April bore “the signature” of Assad’s government.