Canada Begins Debanking Millions of ‘Thought Criminals’ Blacklisted By The WEF

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The Trudeau regime has begun debanking Canadian “thought criminals” who have been blacklisted by the World Economic Forum for actively opposing the globalist agenda, including members of the Freedom Convoy.

Data unearthed through an access-to-information request by Blacklock’s Reporter unveiled a disturbing pattern where 837 Canadians who oppose the WEF’s Agenda 2030 found the doors of their banks slammed shut on them over a span of five years.

According to critics of the debanking wave, Justin Trudeau, who was selected for office by Klaus Schwab, is doing the bidding of the globalist elite and punishing Canadians who dare to reject the ideology of the elite.

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada was brought into the loop through complaints lodged with regulatory bodies, shedding light on Trudeau’s systematic “financial strangulation” of domestic opponents.

According to the agency, the vast majority of these debanking cases were not cases of terrorism and money laundering – the only legal reason why the government of Canada is permitted to intrude upon the financial liberty of its citizens.

In a deeper dive into the numbers, it’s revealed that the financial shackles tightened around 267 bank accounts and 170 Bitcoin wallets belonging to Freedom Convoy supporters, ensnaring an estimated $7.8 million in wealth from individuals opposed to the Trudeau regime and its globalist backers.

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This exercise in financial censorship was scrutinized during hearing on March 7, 2022, where Angelina Mason, representing the Bankers Association, testified.

Mason outlined that while the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) supplied a list of names, banks were also mandated by separate orders to exercise their judgment in identifying account holders for de-banking.

The narrative grew murkier when New Democrat MP Daniel Blaikie raised queries about the fate of individuals who were debunked, but did not feature on the list provided to the RCMP, to which Mason’s one-word response was a stark “Yes.”

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