Black Toast Or Crispy Chips Can Cause Cancer

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Government scientists in Britain are warning of cancer dangers from over cooked toast and crispy potatoes.

The FSA has warned of worryingly high levels of cancer causing toxins formed when the food is cooked above 120 degrees Celsius. A slight decrease in cooking time can reduce the levels of the toxin, Acrylamide, by an incredible amount of 80 times.

The Age reports:

A new study by Britain’s  Food Standards Agency (FSA), the Government’s food safety watchdog, measured the amount of acrylamide – a cancer-causing toxin – in roast potatoes, chips and toast cooked in the home.

The FSA’s chief scientific adviser said the new research showed the need for roast potatoes and chips to be cooked to only “a light golden colour” and that bread should be toasted to “the lightest colour acceptable”.

Researchers with the FSA discovered that the crispier the roast potato or chip, the higher the levels of acrylamide they contained. The same went for toast.

The chemical, which is a proven carcinogen, is formed from a reaction between amino acids and the sugars and water found in potatoes and bread when they are subjected to temperatures above 120C.

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