Bill Gates Urges Govt’s To Replace Farmers With AI ‘Smart Farming’ Bots 

Fact checked
Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum have escalated their war on food, ordering world governments to replace human farmers with AI-controlled so-called "smart farming."

Bill Gates and the World Economic Forum have escalated their war on food, ordering world governments to replace human farmers with AI-controlled so-called “smart farming.”

According to Bill Gates, who suddenly and unexpectedly became America’s largest owner of farmland last year, farmers are now part of the “useless class” of humans and need to be phased out and replaced with controllable AI technology to fight climate change and improve the state of the world.

But unfortunately for Gates, we have stone-cold proof that he is not “supporting” work on agriculture for the benefit of the world at large.

On the contrary, Gates is attempting to seize control of the global food supply and hold humanity to ransom, for his own benefit and the benefit of his globalist collaborators.

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The global elite see a future for humanity where we are completely dependent on the global government, dine on bugs and crickets, while they own our land, and for some reason we are happy because we own nothing.

Gates is currently traveling the world, spreading his own brand of globalist propaganda amid the elite’s war on agriculture in which the usual suspects are seeking to seize total control of the global food supply.

The world’s leading billionaire eugenicist is currently in India, the scene of some of his most brutal crimes against humanity including barbaric medical experiments on orphaned children that would have made Nazi scientist Josef Mengele blanch.

Gates has been meeting with WEF-compliant politicians during his trip, praising India’s world-leading digital ID system that has been forced on the population against their will by the elites.

While the digital ID is not mandatory, citizens are unable to access many basic goods and services if they refuse to comply with the invasive technology.

Gates has also praised India’s experiments with his AI-driven “smart farming,” writing in Gates Notes that world governments must follow India’s lead in embracing his new technology.

In Gates’ vision of the future, the world government will have total control over every farm on the planet.

“I got to see India’s DPI in action when I toured an agricultural monitoring center in Bhubaneswar,” Gates enthused. “At this facility, government agriculture experts send advice and real-time updates to 6.5 million farmers via phone.”

I can’t think of anything worse than having the government on speed-dial sending me real-time orders every single day via phone, but this is the future if Gates gets his way.

But it gets even worse.

Gates’ “smart farming” technology is designed to replace farmers, not “support” them.

Gates isn’t only trying to bring the government into everybody’s home and workplace. He’s trying to radically depopulate the world and replace human farmers with AI-controlled technology.

The ETC Group recently published a report which exposed the global elite’s plans to seize control of the food supply and hold humanity to ransom. Titled, “Food Barons 2022 – Crisis Profiteering, Digitalization and Shifting Power,” the report reveals that the “holy grail” for Bill Gates involves eradicating the vast majority of farmers.

“Tech giants are becoming prime players in food, handling the data, networking, and AI that undergirds the newly digitized food chain,” the ETC Group wrote in the report while describing the “dream farm” of the technocrats is a “farm of one,” where humans are discarded and technology does all the work for the elite.

“Every leading agrochemical company offers its own digital ag platform marketed to farmers as a way to transform on-farm data into savings that will ultimately increase farm profitability.

“The Holy Grail, they say, is a ‘farm of one,’ where a single farmer/data manager (equipped with many thumbs, perhaps?) can log on to a connected device, watch as the algorithms calculate input prescriptions – based on data collected from in-field sensors and hyperspectral imaging – and then send those prescriptions to a fleet of contracted drones that will dump herbicide, fungicide, fertilizer, growth regulator or other input in a just-right dosage for each plant growing in the field.”

According to mainstream media, none of this is suspicious. Not even the fact that Gates has seized control of the world’s seed banks.

Unfortunately for the media, the people are waking up and rejecting their propaganda in record numbers.

The plan to eradicate humans and seize farmland for the elite has been playing out in front of our eyes for years.

In the Netherlands, regarded as a testing ground for the World Economic Forum’s anti-farming agenda, the Dutch government began implementing initiatives to seize farmland last year.

The nation was rocked by protests which have since gained steam and spread around Europe, with farmers demanding their governments stop bowing down to Klaus Schwab’s anti-farming green agenda which places extreme restrictions on their ability to earn a living and put affordable, traditional food on the tables of ordinary working people.

Eva Vlaardingerbroek explains how the elites have manufactured this crisis with the ultimate goal of a world government that has total control over every aspect of our lives.

Schwab and his cronies are not satisfied with destroying the European agriculture sector. Their tentacles extend across the Atlantic too.

Biden’s former “climate czar” John Kerry, a former Skull and Bones fraternity member and notorious globalist, went on record threatening US farmers, blaming them for emitting nitrogen, and warning that “government farm confiscations are not off the table.”

Smart farming is all part of Klaus Schwab’s transhumanist “new world” which he announced at the World Government Summit in late February. According to Schwab, the global elite now have a combination of different technologies working together that will enable them to usher in what Schwab creepily describes as a “Humanocracy.”

The window of opportunity remains to defeat the global elite but open but only a narrow shaft of light remains. We need all hands on deck for faster, bolder action.

In this crucial decade leading up to 2030, the fight will be won or lost on our watch. One thing is certain, those who give up are sure to lose. So let’s fight together and vanquish these villains – for our children, our families, and for the generations to come.

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