ISIS Suicide Bombers Target Natural Gas Plant In Iraq

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ISIS Suicide Bombers Target Natural Gas Plant In Iraq

ISIS launched an attack on a natural gas plant near the Iraqi capital Baghdad on Sunday morning.

Police say that at least 14 people died, and at 27 others were injured in the bombing.

RT reports:

The attack was carried out using a car explosive, at the entrance to the factory, at about 6am on Sunday.

After that, at least six attackers arrived on another vehicle, wearing explosive vests, and clashed with the police. Security forces were among the 11 victims who was killed in the attack.

During the attack, three of the facility’s gas storages caught fire, while police clashed with the terrorists.

According to a factory employee who lives nearby, there was a huge blast heard, and then he saw flames and black smoke coming from inside the factory.

The video of the blaze shows black plumes of smoke, and huge flames rising into the sky.

Police and army forces rushed to the facility, and the fighting there lasted for about an hour. The firefighters have recently managed to take the blaze under control and extinguish it.

At the same time, three other bomb attacks rocked Baghdad, leaving at least 8 killed, and 28 others wounded, according to police as cited by AP.

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