Democrat Politician Threatens To ‘Burn Down’ Entire ‘White Privilege’ Suburb at BLM Protest

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Hundreds of radical Black Lives Matter protesters have threatened to burn down the entire Minneapolis/St. Paul suburb of Hugo if the Minneapolis Police union chief and his wife refuse to step down from their jobs and move away from the area.

John Thompson, a radical DFL activist and politician who last week won his primary for House District 67A in St. Paul, joined the BLM protest and shouted threats into a microphone about burning the entire suburb to the ground.

One clip shows him shouting “You think we give a f*** about burning Hugo down?” In another, he says “F****** Hugo.”

More than 100 people congregated outside Minneapolis police union president Bob Kroll’s home in Hugo, where he lives with his wife, WCCO reporter Liz Collin. The rally on Saturday came as part of an effort calling for both Kroll and Collin to be fired from their jobs.

Two videos circulating on Twitter show John Thompson wearing a shirt reading “Bob KKKroll Must Go!” and shouting into a microphone to the group of protesters, with neighbors and children nearby.

Activists also smashed piñata effigies of the pair and took a knee before dispersing.

The Minnesota Democratic–Farmer–Labor Party is a political party in the U.S. state of Minnesota. It is affiliated with the U.S. Democratic Party.

StarTribune report: In a statement on Saturday, Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan referred to the protesters as “radical Democrats” who harassed the community surrounding Kroll’s home.

Thompson’s words and the “overall sentiment of today’s Democrats is reprehensible,” the statement read.

Thompson posted an apology on Facebook on Sunday, writing that he became an activist and decided to run for the Legislature to fix the criminal justice system, dismantle institutional racism and honor his friend, Philando Castile.

I want to make a positive difference and my comments on Saturday were not helpful,” he wrote. “Inflammatory rhetoric is not how I want to address the important issues we’re facing, and I apologize.

Minnesota DFL Chairman Ken Martin also issued a statement Sunday saying the party does not condone any rhetoric that is violent, hateful or inflammatory.

I’m grateful for the work John is doing to combat systemic racism, and I’m glad that he recognizes yesterday’s rhetoric was inflammatory, hurtful, and does not help move our state forward in the fight for justice,” Martin wrote.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. It’s likely this irresponsible and inflammatory character will win.. He gets a certain segment of the voters to support him 100% while more reasonable candidates struggle to get such allegiance for more constructive ideas and plans. It’s America today. Divide and rule.

  2. Well the way inequality has eroded democracy ,and greed has corrupted its very ideoligy reducing it to a ghost of its former self ,its hardly surprising theres a lot of angry people And when some singing harlot can make hundreds of millions in a year and others work like slaves in hideous boring repetitive drudgery for crumbs then ,yes ,it is time things changed. Globally and starting at the centre of the class system with England and the richest square mile on earth . The epicentre of all greed and all inequality.

  3. Damn few blacks are being killed in the streets like you claim, most blacks are being killed by other blacks, but facts mean nothing to a fool. When and if you open up the can of worms you rant about, you will see more blacks dead in the streets than you can imagine. Let us hope that reasonable blacks will not fall for your rage and prevent this. When you mess with the bull, you will get the horns, do not upset the bull.

  4. Let Minnesota die. They elect these people, let them live with the results. There should be a ban on people moving out of CA, NY, MN, IL. Let them live in the mess they created.

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