Democrats Caught on Hot Mic Mocking Gaetz Over Pledge of Allegiance Request

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Democrats caught on hot mic mocking Rep. Matt Gaetz over pledge of allegiance request

House Democrats were caught on a hot mic viciously mocking Rep. Matt Gaetz after he requested to recite the Pledge of Allegiance during a hearing.

A leaked recording shows Judiciary Democrats poking fun at Gaetz’s request to have the committee recite the pledge of allegiance at the beginning of Thursday’s hearings.

During the hearing on new House rules, Gaetz requested to recite the Pledge at the start of each hearing but was promptly shut down down by House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler.

Nadler responded by slamming Gaetz’s request as “unnecessary.”

Gaetz pointed out that reciting it could help bring “unity” to the committee hearing.

“I want to extend a welcome to the new committee members,” Gaetz said.

“I’m grateful to be back on this august committee and I understand and appreciate the significance and importance of the work that we do,” he continued.

“And I just think it would be nice in the spirit of national unity and national pride which I know we all aspire to do to a greater extent than at the beginning of each meeting the chair, or one of the designees of the chair, would have the opportunity to lead us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

“We’re all aware that in these times it’s important for the country to see members of congress working together on some things and while I know we can deal with divisive issues in the committee, uh, it would be my hope we could start every committee with a great unifying, patriotic moment. I yield back,” Gaetz concluded.


In a leaked audio recording obtained by The Daily Caller, Tennessee Democratic Rep. Steve Cohen and an unidentified House Democrat can be heard mocking Gaetz’ request. They were reminded by a staffer that their microphones were hot, according to the audio. reports:

Rep. Steve Cohen: “Can anybody hear me? Zo, can you hear me?”

Multiple Democrats Respond: “Yes I can, I can hear you, we can hear you, Steve.”

Rep. Steve Cohen: “I can hear all of you talking now.”

Unidentified Committee Staffer: “So right now, everyone’s mic is hot and it is broadcasting online through Youtube. So just be keeping that in mind.”

Rep. Steve Cohen: “Okay, so somebody, I missed a little bit of what we just had, uh uh I wake up in the morning and I pledge allegiance to the flag, I go outside regardless of the weather, I got my flag up by my house and I pledge allegiance. Then I get on my knees and I pray. If I do that, if I, do I have to, am I supposed to do it again and how many times a day should I do that?”

Unidentified Democrat: “I think you should do it at least every hour.”

Rep. Steve Cohen: “Hour, right?”

Unidentified Democrat: “Yeah.”

Rep. Steve Cohen: “Maybe in front of the Rayburn horseshoe.”

Unidentified Democrat: “I think so.”

Rep. Steve Cohen: “So what do they want? Do they want prayers said before the beginning of each meeting and the pledge or just the pledge?”

Unidentified Democrat: “Just the pledge.”

Rep. Steve Cohen: “Just the pledge.”

Unidentified Democrat: “Mhmm.”

Rep. Steve Cohen: “I remember in the first grade we had something like this.”

Unidentified Democrat: “I remember too, I remember on Fridays at 10 o clock we duck below our desks in the event of a nuclear bomb.”

Rep. Steve Cohen: “Right, duck and cover.”

Rep. Pramila Jayapal: “(Laughter) That ages me, right? I’m going to vote.”

Rep. Steve Cohen: “Pramila you should do something about this as head of the CPC, I charge you with the responsibility.”

Unidentified Democrat: “(Laughter) Just what I’m looking for.”



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