Biden: Getting Your COVID Shot Is ‘Most Patriotic Thing You Will EVER Do’

Fact checked
President Biden says most patriotic thing you can do is get a COVID shot

After failing to reach his vaccination goal, Joe Biden begged Americans on Monday to do “the most patriotic thing you can do” and take the experimental COVID shot.

The tweet came one day after an Independence Day speech at The White House when Biden urged “My fellow Americans, that’s the most patriotic thing you can do, so, please, if you haven’t got vaccinated, do it now: for yourself, for your family, for your community and for your country.” reports: The administration’s goal was to fully immunize 160 million Americans and to ensure 70% of adults get at least one shot by the Fourth of July.

That goal is far from being achieved, but Biden went ahead with a ‘celebration’ anyway, bandying around the slogan “America’s Back Together.”

Many on Twitter were definitely not in agreement that taking the shot is “the most patriotic thing” for them to do.


  1. More brainwashing from the NWO cult. The best thing anyone can do is NEVER vax any living being. Poisons & diseases are not harmless when injected into the body & ALL vaccines cause brain inflammation (damage).

  2. The most Patriotic thing Americans could do is to overthrow their illegitimately installed Communist Government.

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