FBI ‘Disappear’ Las Vegas Security Guard Jesus Campos

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The FBI have disappeared Las Vegas security guard Jesus Campos the day he was due to blow the whistle on what really happened on national television

The Las Vegas security guard who was the only eyewitness to meet Stephen Paddock during his killing spree has gone missing just minutes before he was due to appear on national television.

Campos was due to appear on Fox News with Sean Hannity on Thursday night and was prepared to tell the truth about what really happened.

Jesus Campos had been hailed a hero for alerting police to Paddock’s whereabouts on Oct 1., after he apparently rushed to Paddock’s suite on the 32nd-floor, got shot in the upper thigh through the door, and then helped people get to safety despite his wounds.

Since then, police and FBI have prevented Campos from detailing exactly what occurred that night, by placing him under 24-hour FBI guard.

According to some reports, the FBI may have arrested Campos as an accomplice to the shooting, as part of an plot to silence him from going public.

Earlier this week, Your News Wire reported on the fact that Campos’ security guard credentials had been completely wiped from the employee database of the Mandalay Bay hotel.

A news broke of his Campos’ disappearance, investigative reporter Laura Loomer visited his home to investigate.

On Thursday evening, she met with a security guard outside of Campos’ home who confirmed they had “no idea” where the Mandalay Bay security guard was.

Later on Thursday night Laura Loomer paid a second home visit to his home in Las Vegas, which confirmed that Jesus is missing.





The Las Vegas story gets more and more bizarre each day.

  • Campos has no social media profile – really strange for the two central figures in this story to have zero social media presence.
  • He disappeared last night, minutes before his interview with Sean Hannity. Nobody knows where he is at.

We will continue investigating this until the truth finally comes to light.

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  1. Perhaps Jesus Campos was the FBI handler that aided the shooter. Ya, they do tend to vanish after a False Flag.

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