Report: Germany Is Preparing For Russia-NATO War

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Germany is preparing for a scenario in which Russia launches an “open attack” on NATO during the summer of 2025.

Putin’s attack against NATO would apparently come following major victories by Russia against Ukraine, according to leaked secret plans published by German newspaper Bild.

Russia has repeatedly denied having any plans to attack the US-led military bloc.

RT reports: The secret German defense ministry paper reportedly seen by the outlet provides a month-by-month outline of a possible “path to the conflict” between the West and Russia. The scenario begins a new mobilization in February 2024 with Russia calling up an additional 200,000 troops. Moscow has insisted it does not need to pursue such a measure, citing an abundance of volunteers.

According to the scenario outlined in the document, Moscow then launches a powerful spring offensive against Ukraine resulting in Kiev,suffering from inadequate Western support, yielding ground.

The report then describes Russia launching an “initially covert and later increasingly open attack” on the Baltic states in July, waging cyberwarfare and inciting riots among the local Russian-speaking population.

The crisis precipitates a Russian military build-up in western Russia, Belarus, and Kaliningrad. At the same time, Moscow positions itself to seize the Suwalki Gap, according to the paper – a narrow strip of land in northeast Poland between Belarus and Kaliningrad, resulting in “riots with numerous deaths,” with Russia accusing NATO of preparing to attack the country.

Poland and the Baltic states report an “increasing threat from Russia” to a NATO Council meeting in January 2025. Moscow, however, uses the development as a pretext to move additional troops to the border areas in March 2025.

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