Rob Reiner Claims GOP Is ‘The Party of White Nationalism’

Fact checked
Rob Reiner

Film director Rob Reiner has claimed that the Republican Party has become the “party of white nationalism”.

During MSNBC’s The Sunday show, Reiner added that the GOP’s only strategy is to stop people of color from voting.

Breitbart reports: Reiner said, “To me, Donald Trump is the greatest gift to the Democratic Party you could ever have. There was a very famous quote by Rick Wilson. He wrote a book called ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies,’ and his whole life, whether it’s his businesses or his political career, he is a loser. Ultimately, he lost the White House. He was impeached twice. He lost the Senate. He lost the House. He lost seats in Georgia. To me, the Republican Party is being consumed and taken over by this false idol. You talk about a false idol. You see that golden statue moved into CPAC. I mean, they’re bowing down to a false idol.

He added, “It’s the best thing that could ever happen to the Democratic Party. This is the first time we may pick up seats in the midterm because they don’t stand for anything. They have one issue, which is white grievance. They’re the party of white nationalism, and they care only about prying to preserve this somehow image of what America used to be. By the way, that’s their only strategy. The strategy is to keep people of color from voting. That’s the only strategy they have. Preserve America for white people, stop people of color from voting. They’re going to fail. they’re going to keep failing until ultimately they go back underneath the rocks from which they crawled out of.”


  1. Democrats were Racists when they fought the North over Slavery, they were Racists when they ran the KKK and oppressed the Black people in the South, and they are Racists now as they promote Black Supremacy.

    Democrats have a long history of being Racist, and they are Racists now.

    • Democrats were Racists when they fought the North over Slavery,

      Nobody fought over “Slavery”. The South seceded over tariffs using slavery as an excuse. The US Congress and Lincoln had already acknowledged the individual States had the right to choose whether slavery should be allowed in their States. There were still slaves in some of the Union States. It’s all part of the propaganda that says the US had a “civil war”. A civil war, by definition, is two or more factions fighting for control of the government. The Confederacy wanted no part of the government of the Union States, just as the Thirteen colonies wanted no part of the British government.
      The original KKK was formed in response to the Union government banishing Confederate State Assemblies, creating lawlessness. The KKK caught criminals who had committed violent acts, regardless of race, and executed them.

      I suggest that you step back and read books and articles that were contemporaneous with historical events, and not rely on the liars’ propaganda produced after the fact.

      • Howdy Curmudgeon_49. I quoted from the “Declaration of Causes of Seceding States” from Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Texas. All of which explained that Slavery was the reason they left the Union.

        I’m sorry to say that post was marked as Spam. I am puzzled as to why.

      • Howdy again Curmudgeon_49.

        I also looked at “In Search of the Enigma” regarding Nathan Bedford Forrest. He became the Grand Wizard of the KKK in 1867. In 1868 he described the Klan as “a protective political military organization” (in much the same was you just did), and in 1869 he left the Klan because it became something other than a protective political military organization. Nathan Bedford Forrest:, By Davison, Eddy W. page 466.
        In August 1874, Forrest volunteered to help “exterminate” the men responsible for the continued violence against the blacks. Page 474.

        Its not hard to draw the conclusion that if the KKK had not changed into a terrorist organization, Forrest would never have left it.

  2. The only thing I hear when I listen to this guy are disgusting chewing, snorting and gulping sounds. How can he say anything when he never empties his mouth?

  3. The ” party ” that us the mist white global nationalist is the ” party ” that wants ,wanted to make the entire globe a colonial body administered and reigned over by White ruling families That is the British Empire ,that ran the slave trade from africa when it possessed almost 80 % of Africa as part of its empire as well as enslaving continental India and driving the north american and Canadian Indians off their lands ,out of their homes and I to the scrublands as destitute. Meanwhile TOTALLY genociding the entire race of Tasmanian completely into extinction and decimating New Zealand and the austral7an aboriginal populations ,reducing them to servants and filling them with booze and tobacco and white sugar with tea to kill them off .Etcetera etcetera .Reiner needs some English lessons

    • The British never had anything like 80% of Africa and it was the British for the first time in history that managed to ban slavery in most places around the world including all its colonies except the renegade one, the USA. And the North American indians were not the charming innocents you make them out to be with mass murder of one another being one of their main hobbies much like blacks all over the world today.

    • It was jews in the city of London who did all the things you blame white British for. Jews are a bane to white people and should be expelled from all our lands.

    • Did he ever appear in anything else? Im drawing a blank. He got so fat they couldnt find a lens angle wide enough.

  4. Whoever dubbed this clown ‘meathead’ was prescient. A more fitting moniker has never been so perfectly applied.

  5. How long are white people expected to let jews bad mouth us? Jews are the supremacists not white people. Jews are 2% of our population but due to their control of our central banks jews have around 35% of the wealth. Blacks and mestizo’s are about 33% of the US population and together control less then 2% of the nations wealth. It does not take a long stretch to come to the conclusion jews are so anti white because they know they can disenfranchise non whites easier.

    This fat jew should be deported to Israel where the jews belong.

  6. Marxism-Bolshevism-Communism is Jewish. Rob Reiner is a Jewish Communist actively working on destroying Whites and Western Civilization. It’s O.K. to be White. It’s O.K. for Whites to marry other Whites so their children look like them. It’s O.K. for Whites to organize as Whites and vote their interests. Whites have the right to have their own “Nation” and living Space governed by their own. These Jewish activists are liers, thieves, Nation-Wrecking Hypocrites. Expose them. Shun them. They have their own Ethnic State that Whites are being denied. Why are they here?

  7. If painting an entire group of people with one brush is acceptable, then I can safely say all actors are pedophiles, sexual predators, and freaks.



  10. Just
    like back in All of the Family sitcom porky here attempted to act in during the 70’s a bleeding heart CCP
    owned MEATHEAD Commie. How is it a dumbass can live so long ? Only in China Bollywood I guess. Photo looks like maybe a shortage of Adrenochrome ?

  11. Trump is an empty suit.
    Until White men stand and be counted, they will continue to be sodomized.
    Reiner is right.
    White men always lose.

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