FBI Leaked Details Of Trump Investigation To Clinton Campaign In 2016

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New files reveal FBI leaked Trump investigation details to Clinton team during election

Senator Diane Feinstein has inadvertently leaked information proving the FBI colluded with the Clinton campaign, informing them about the Trump-Russia investigation in 2016.

According to page 175 of a transcript made public on Tuesday, Glenn Simpson, founder of Fusion GPS, told the Senate Judiciary Committee the following:

Essentially what he told me was they  had other intelligence about this matter from an internal Trump campaign source and that — that they — my understanding was that they believed  Chris at this point — that they believed Chris’s  information might be credible because they had other intelligence that indicated the same thing and one of those pieces of intelligence was a human source from inside the Trump organization.

Abovetopsecret.com reports: So Simpson seems to be backing up that the FBI already had evidence before the dossier was presented to them.

But step back and think about this for a moment.

The FBI, which is supposed to be a non political entity, tasked with keeping our country safe, apparently was giving details of looking into election interference between Trump and russians to a former spy from another country that they knew to be getting paid by an oppo research firm working for Trumps opponent, Hillary.

That is appalling.

Imagine the outrage had this been done the other way. What if Trump paid a firm that the FBI contacted and said “Yeah we got all sorts of statements from hillary people about her email, like this guy Paul Combetta that was on message boards saying a VIP asked him to delete names off of emails, and then bleach bitted it the next day” How inappropriate would it be for the FBI to leak details of this ongoing investigation directly to hillarys opponent.

It would be unthinkable.

But the FBI doing this aginst Trump, no problem. I guess when you are having meetings in McCabes office about needing an insurance policy in case Trump wins, is makes sense.

Not only is this an outrage because it is the FBI acting politically, but also because it could have jeopardized the entire investigation into Trumps team.

Lets say for a minute that Trumps team did collude with russians illegally to steal the election.

Why in the world would the FBI leak to steele, who they knew was working with Fusion that was leaking info to the press to hurt Trump?

They had to know that there was a good chance that this info would get back to Trumps team.

Now if there was a chance of catching trumps team acting illegally, they knew there was someone within there own team that tipped someone off to the FBI, and they would clam up.

So the FBI put its interest in making trump look bad by telling an oppo firm against him details of the investigation before actually trying to keep our elections safe.

The oversight committee should immediately demand that the FBI release who it was that told Steele this info, and if they deny it, Simpson who claimed steele said that should be charged with lying to the committee.

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