Chile on high alert after 3 explosions in 3 days

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‘The Chilean capital is on high alert after three explosions struck the country, causing injuries. Authorities say they are seeking help from foreign security agencies in identifying those responsible for the blasts.

The latest in a series of explosions was a twin blast in Vina del Mar, a resort city on central Chile’s Pacific coast.

A homemade bomb detonated inside a bathroom at the Open Plaza shopping mall in the city on Wednesday, leaving two people with two minor injuries.

“Again a device exploded, this time in the public bathroom. Due to this we sent two people to the hospital for preventive care as they showed symptoms of hearing damage,” police official Rodrigo Loyola told Reuters. “No other injuries or damages were reported.”

The devices in Vina del Mar were made with a plastic bottle, acid and foil. They did not contain shrapnel and caused only loud bangs, according to police officials.

A similar attack outside the nearby Tottus supermarket on Tuesday night in the city left a 43-year-old woman with trauma to her hearing. She was moving the trash can where the device had been planted.

On Monday saw the worst attack since the country returned to civilian government in 1990, when at least 14 people were injured in a bomb attack next to a fast food restaurant in the capital, Santiago. The restaurant is adjacent to the Escuela Militar subway station.’

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