Democrats Vote To Eliminate Child Support Requirements for Black Fathers: “It’s a Racist Law”

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Democrats to remove child support requirements for black fathers

Democrats have voted to eliminate child support requirements for Black fathers in America, declaring that the law is “racist” and should not apply to African Americans.

The California Reparations Task Force says it is planning to scrap child support debt for all of the state’s Black residents.

The Task Force argues this move is a necessary countermeasure to the “oppressive national laws” that, in their view, have stunted the growth of the African American community.

In a 1,100-page report released last week, the Task Force presented calculations that translates into hundreds of billions of dollars in payouts to Black people. reports: The Task Force boldly claims that so-called ‘discriminatory’ laws have torn African American families apart and caused damage due to the “disproportionate amount of African Americans burdened with child support debt.”

They also assert that the state’s policy of charging a 10% interest on overdue child support places significant barriers to the African American community’s ability to pursue further education, secure employment, maintain housing, and attend job training programs.

However, a critical question arises from these claims: Isn’t child support intended to secure the welfare of children? Discharging this debt will ultimately disadvantage the children, the innocent victims, who were supposed to benefit from these payments. Therefore, to frame the issue as solely a racially discriminatory system seems to conveniently overlook the broader implications of such a recommendation.

FOX News report:

The report cited a 2003 California Department of Child Support Services study that estimated 27% of owed child support in the state was unpaid interest, that those who owed child support had lower incomes than “the typical California worker” and that such interest required a larger portion of their income to actually pay the debt.

“The Task Force recommends that the Legislature enact legislation to terminate all interest accrued on back child support, requiring only the payment of the principal owed. At a minimum, the proposal recommends that the Legislature eliminate the prospective accrual of interest on child support debt for low-income parents,” the report said.

“The Task Force further recommends that the Legislature amend Family Code section 17560, the ‘offers in compromise’ provision, to allow for offers in compromise and forgiveness of child support debt based solely on a parent’s fnancial (sic) circumstances and ability to pay,” it added.

The report is a culmination of two years of research done by the task force into what it says is the historical discrimination faced by Black Californians and their ancestors in the state.

It also offers a broad account of the ways it accuses the state of wronging descendants of Black slaves.

The California Reparations Task Force, formed in 2020, recently voted in favor of recommendations that could include payments of a minimum of $360,000 to each eligible black resident in the state. The project could cost the state upwards of $800 billion — more than 2.5 times its annual budget, according to New York Post.

According to the California Attorney General’s website, “The purpose of the committee is ‘(1) to study and develop reparation proposals for African Americans; (2) to recommend appropriate ways to educate the California public of the task force’s findings; and (3) to recommend appropriate remedies in consideration of the Task Force’s findings.’”

An additional recommendation centers around taking away local decision-making in real estate ordinances in the state.  According to Fox News,”California’s reparations task force is calling for the state legislature to require all cities and counties with allegedly segregated neighborhoods to submit all their real estate ordinances to a state agency for approval based on whether they maintain or lessen ‘residential racial segregation.’”

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