Putin Slams ‘Dangerous Soros’ For Driving America Towards Civil War

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Putin has warned America that George Soros is driving the country towards civil war, using divisive politics, violence and propaganda.

Vladimir Putin has warned the United States that George Soros is driving the country towards civil war, using divisive politics, violence and media propaganda to further his goals.

Speaking at a cabinet meeting in the Kremlin, President Putin told senior advisors that George Soros is using his vast network of agitators to target America’s most sensitive points and cause turmoil.

Make no mistake, his endgame is revolution through civil war. In America he is using exactly the same tactics he uses everywhere. ”

George Soros is a well-known pyromaniac with matches in his back pocket pouring petrol onto a bonfire.”

Putin also had a message for Americans. They must reject George Soros and his dangerous influence or else they run the risk of losing the country to globalist interests.

He does not own the world and he does not have the right to do whatever he wants. The people must come together and reject this dragon. We have no room for his divisive politics in Russia, and I think you will all agree we are much the better for that. With all due respect, America must reject George Soros’s vision.”

This meeting featured the President pounding his fist on the table and vowing to arrest George Soros, and according to a Kremlin source Putin would enjoy nothing more than throwing the billionaire convicted felon in a jail cell and throwing away the key.

In the financial world Soros is known for his divide and conquer strategies. In countless interviews, searchable on Youtube, he can be witnessed laughing and acknowledging his extremist personality. Soros’s financial tactics have netted him billions, but also earned him criminal convictions.

Disturbingly, Soros uses the exact same tactics while meddling with democracies, attempting to seize power and undermine the voce of the people in sovereign nations.

Russia officially declared that billionaire George Soros is a wanted man in their country, citing him and his organizations as a “threat to Russian national security”.

Putin banned Soros and his organizations from operating in Russia last year due to the fact that Soros attempted to crash the Russian economy in the early 1990s. Since then Soros has used his wealth and political influence to incite violent uprisings and destabilize democracies throughout the region.

Putin has watched crisis after crisis unfold in neighboring states. Now he is warning, in clear language, that Soros is using the exact same tactics in the United States.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
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Baxter Dmitry


  1. Putin is right !!! Soros is an EVIL JEW that needs to be exterminated with the rest of his family. This BASTARD turned in Jewish people to the Gistapo during WW2 – what a piece of shit

  2. Pure evil, in (near) human form. The day of his eventual demise should be a world holiday, but I think we all know there’ll be another Archontic lizard to swiftly take his place.

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    • If only the leaders of the United States were so bold. The majority, unfortunately, are more than likely on Soros’ payroll.

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  3. this mf hungarian-born jew dont have to do anything ,already america its on its way to collapse…sooner,better! this country its a disgrace for all humanity

    • What about America is a disgrace to society?
      America is stronger than ever and it making little Georgie S nervous! He is a bully and a disgrace to the world! God will take care of him!

  4. EXCELLENT! Hits the nail right on the head regarding country-killer Soros. He’s done this his whole life in business, now its countries.

  5. Die already, Georgie. We KNOW you want to AVOID that as much as possible! Zbig and David are SHRIEKING in the flames, Georgie! Can’t you HEAR them?! Stay aliiiiiive, Georgie, staaay aliiiiive, as looooong as you desperately possibly can! Bwahahahahahaahahhahahaahahahahahahahaahhahahah!!!!!!!!

  6. Soreass is very evil evil entity He helped the NAZIS murder his own people profited from their murders. He is doing the same thing to us. The Bastard son of NAZIS AND abominations should be hung by his toes till his expiration date comes. The most evil sonofabitch to ever influence the USA. He is the $$$ behind the dark state.

  7. Americans should pay attention to what Putin is saying. The activities of Soros and the left groups he influences are dangerous to the whole world.

    • It won’t get any attention in the MSM here unless it pushed through other sources like Gab (that’s how I got here).

  8. The ugliest man on the planet doing ugly things but it will get very ugly for him very soon.Put out positive thoughts every day this nasty piece of excrement will be arrested very soon and hung like his predecessors

  9. 100% agree. The DOJ should find a way to freeze Soros illegal monies (through insider trading) and all the protests will stop. That way one will see who is funding the activists……….

  10. McCain and the other shit heads that are accepting money from Soros need to be exposed and kicked out of the country!!!

  11. Trump, arrest Soros and extradite him to Russia….problem solved, then we can get on with rooting out the Globalist trash he paid off.

  12. All those who agree with Putin ought to ask themselves whether they donate to the 153 nonprofits with sweet do-goody names that accept money from Soros. You want Soros to go away-Stop accepting his money! Sessions did his part by stopping the transfer of money due the Treasury for fines levied due to corporate malfeseance to “humanitarian non-profits” associated with Soros. It is time for us to stop donating to these same non-profits!

  13. The GOP anti-Trump Rino’s had better “join” our efforts to MAGA!
    …PUTIN, can see what’s afoot in the United States! Why can’t/won’t they?

  14. Putin your amazing man I’ve been doing my research for very long time I know what’s going on I’ve been preeching to as many people to try get many people ready as possible it’s gonna be ugly allot of people are gonna die here in the US but the good will over come this evil we will be ready and we will come together as 1!!

  15. The Soros end game is to use race riots to trigger an emergency session in Congress to quell alleged racial tensions. Once convened a bill to open Article 5 of the US Constitution with the pretext of modifying the first amendment to ban “Hate speech” islamiphob, racist, homophobe, pro gun etc speech. This would ban or demand that the Bible, Torrah be edited. Debate would devolve to 2nd amendment to ban all guns except police. 4th Amendment protections against search and seizures. With the back drop response of call to violence by ANTIFA & BLM burning in the background of the convention allegations of Congressional GOP racism would devolve the convention to a vote to repeal the US Constitution and adopt in its place the UN Manifesto and declare that all States pledge allegiance to the United Nations. Simultaneous eruptions of ISIS Violence in Europe and UK with calls to follow suit with American states to join the United Nations world body thus giving birth to the Globalist dream of establishing a global government New World Order. Japan, Korea, and other Western allied nation’s would be invited to join the new “United” “Nations”. Those left out such as Russia would then be pressured with sanctions to yield their constitutions and governments to the “United Nations”. George Soros is the key front man to this Nazi scheme. May God extend his grace to humanity to prevent this from occuring. Toppling the world super power is the key to their plan. The polotical explosives have been planted for decades around the pillars of the US. The Fuse was lit at Charlotesvile. It leads to Washington D.C. to destroy the US Constituton and government. Soros money bought Senators Marco Rubio, John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Gov. John Kasich, Nancy Pelosi, and the rest all of which among others have been involved in calling for, organizing and advocating for a Constitution Convention either by the states calling for one or by Congress voting an Article 5 with a 75% vote on racism & violence & guns pretext. The current plan now is to run it through Congress ASAP to avoid criminal recriminations from on going investigations into the DNC, Hillary Rodem and Bill Clinton, John Podesta, Uma Abadeen, Loretto Lynch, Susan Rice, Benghazi probs all of which have many loose ends and potential leaks even as Robert Mueller scrambles to find and burry leaks bodies and loose ends. All of this is being frantic done as they know they will otherwise go to jail and will otherwise loose the mid term elections.

    The new United Nations would then open up all boarders without restrictions and Islamic refuges would flood into all nations to finish the job of slaughtering all of humanity while the globalist watch from safe havens.

    Best regards to all who cherish law and order and peaceful day to day clean productive safe living free of Jihadist terrorism.

  16. And remember, Soros is the front man. He has a lot of information. A lot. Do not kill him. He would suffer more being interrogated and imprisoned. It would have to be done secretly as his backers would take action even against Russia. So it is not so simple.

  17. A raid to confiscate servers at all Soros NGO’s and Soros affiliates and offices and residential servers would be a dream.

  18. President Putin is just so absolutely correct. Soros is just a nazi and where did he get his wealth from. He is vile. He and the rest of the illuminati, including Merkel, are planning to take over the world. And President Puutin has the power to stop this. President Trump needs help before he collapses from stress. Any and everything, he has done, since becoming President, is stand up to the democrats.Obama’s lies and second Senate just down the road. Today it was announced Clinton has been bribing six Republicans and is paying them out of the Clinton Foundation. So, President Putin, your money has helped with this. The Clinton’s are utterly demented and vile. If they disagree with you, keep as far away as you can. Or very shortly after you will have “committed suicide.” They have had murdered numbers of people that we will never know. Obama and Michael. Why was he President for eight years when he was not an American. Born in Kenya. The lady that prepared his birth certificate in Hawaii was murdered. Actually pushed out of a plane and never found. Please do not get wrong with President Trump. He needs you. He needs your guudance and expertise. He has people advising him that should be drowned in the swamp. When you have “some time to spare” please come over to this side of the Pond. The European situation is totally out of control. Our government and politicians are comatose . They cannot cope with what is happening. The situation is beyond them. Theresa May completely cocked up Brexit months ago because she and her home secretary are not in favour of Brexit. They are remainers. We have now turned from a beautiful country to a disgusting pit of decadence. We need you help President Putin. You are the only Leader with your feet on terra firma.

  19. Soros, the backer of so many groups that undermine democracy around the world, and here in this country. The backer of Antifa, who claim to be against “Nazis” Yet take funding from a man who was under Hitler, a very REAL life Nazi! and practice tactics to stifle free speech just as Hitler’s brown shirts did in the former Nazi Germany that their financial backer George Soros served and supported. Stupid ignorant fools have been brainwashed and deserve to meet the very same fate that Hitler and his cronies met.

  20. Soros and Illumanati has been pulling these evil tactics for a long time, it time we take down this evil organization by force, God willing!

  21. It’s way past time for this Dog, Soros, to be put down. Hopefully Vlad will take out a contract for that.

  22. I agree with Putin Soros is a world menace that MUST be stopped for world sanity.
    Someone needs to stop his insane stupidity. The world will not miss him.

    • I’m pretty sure they would.

      Russia isn’t doing all of this liberal, PC, cancel culture bullshit. Russia today seems more like the US from the 80s.

  23. That was some thoughtful words of warning from someone that’s supposed to be an adversary. I guess they understand that America’s collapse would lead to an unchecked and unstoppable Chinese Hegemony worldwide.

    • Russia isn’t our enemy.

      At best we’re competitors or something.

      Given the stuff that’s been going on in the US lately I’ve been looking closer at the situations where we’re at odds with Russia, supporting different sides.

      Also, Romney mentions Russia and the dem’s go completely out of their mind about how stupid it is to worry about Russia, Trump gets elected and suddenly he’s a Russian plant and we’re on the verge of war with Russia.

      Just pick a stance and stick to it.

  24. Mr. Vladimir Putin I pray to God that you send this message to President Trump through the hot line. You are so accurate. George Soros wants Global control even over your country. Please think twice about COVID 19. It is a scam He is responsible for it through his instruments and friends Bill gates, Rockefeller, JP Morgan, etc They own USA media and drug companies and are behind GMO’s. The vaccine they are creating is to kill people not save people and micro chip humanity. Please some one deliver this to Putin.

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