U.S. Say They Plan To Round Up And Detain Russians For New Year

Fact checked
U.S. to detain over 20 Russians before New Year

The US plans on detaining and possibly extraditing 22 Russian citizens around the world, in violation of international law. 

Pravdareport.com reports:

The corresponding orders have been issued by the US authorities, Konstantin Dolgov, Foreign Ministry Commissioner for Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law reported.

‘Law enforcement agencies of the US make use of unlawful methods of its extraterritorial law application to the Russian citizens in the third countries. We have registered 22 cases of the US authorities’ issuing orders to detain Russians in the third countries for the time being as well as for their extradition to the US,’ the diplomat said.

Dolgov added that such a practice contradicts international rules of law and violates agreements of mutual legal aid on criminal cases.

Pravda.Ru reported that the Russian Foreign Ministry had previously convicted the official Ankara, which had initiated a detain and deportation of the Russian journalists, who had been working on the border of Turkey and Syria.

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