Insurance Data Show That Sudden, Unexpected Deaths Have Exploded In Germany

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Sudden deaths exploded following covid vaccine rollout

Germany vaccination centre

Newly released insurance data for 72 million people shows that sudden, unexpected deaths have exploded across Germany since the Covid vaccine rollout started in 2021.

The number of sudden deaths more than doubled since the covid jab was introduced at the end of 2020, jumping from about 6,000 per quarter to 14,000 currently.

The Daily Sceptic reports: The difference, 8,000, means more than 80 people each day are dying suddenly and mysteriously, according to a report on the No Tricks Zonewebsite.

The data based on the insurance records of 72 million Germans come from the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), which German parliamentarian Martin Sichert and data analyst Tom Lausen forced to be released. The reason that the German Government’s medicines regulator, the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI), has not analysed and published these data before now is unclear. The German government in 2020 standardised the use of insurance data to monitor possible vaccination injury, but this law does not appear to have been followed.

Professor Stefan Homburg, former Director of the Institute of Public Finance at the University of Hannover, tweeted: “Since vaccination began in early 2021, ‘sudden and unexpected’ deaths have exploded. This is shown by the new KBV data of the 72 million insured persons.”

Sichert and Lausen made their shocking findings public at a press conference on Monday.

Professor Stefan Homburg, former Director of the Institute of Public Finance at the University of Hannover, tweeted: “Since vaccination began in early 2021, ‘sudden and unexpected’ deaths have exploded. This is shown by the new KBV data of the 72 million insured persons.”


  1. Why are these statisticians so afraid to express their real feelings about these deaths. Everyone who posts about so many people dying KNOW what is killing them, yet the constantly refer to the deaths as “sudden and mysteriously”. There is no mystery about it if you simply state the facts AND the truth… Seems there is no end to the mysterious bullshit coming from all those “studies” and “investigations”…

  2. Satan the great deceive, the Father of all lies busy working hard with Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde. And all of his league of nations and the legions of worshippers. .

  3. While this news is perhaps not the most interesting to non-Germans the underlying principle and reaction of the pro-vaccination establishment certainly is. Let me explain:

    This insurance data is basically a statistic that is the end result of the insurance companies paying for health services.
    You can expect of course all medical institutions to bill their services – as everywhere else.

    This is why the data contains billing data on more than 70 million people (Germany has about 83 million citizens right now).

    Why is this data being analyzed and not the official death statistic for 2021?
    Simple: the official statistic is being withheld for about nine(!) months now (in March 2023 the statistic for 2022 should appear – it will be withheld, too…).

    So they now cleverly use this insurance data which has then been filtered for certain criteria like sudden deaths after vaccination etc. which can be relatively easily done as the health services are being billed with codes. These codes then can be grouped, filtered etc.

    When the numbers were published on Monday not a single journalist from the public broadcast system (usually the biggest fraction of journalists in such audiences thanks to the generous state financing they get) was present in the press conference. At least nobody admitted coming from them.

    After the first wave of articles appeared on alternative media outlets and resulted in much interest the insurance association (KBV) issued a statement where they simply claimed that the excessive deaths in Germany were caused by the pandemic in 2021 and that they still recommend vaccination. Without vaccination there would’ve been even more excessive deaths. (yeah, sure)

    Their incredibly stupid statement of course doesn’t explain why they weren’t excessive deaths in 2020 where the “pandemic” had free reign and no vaccine was available! They of course had no answer for that…

    On Tuesday, the day after the press conference and first official statement the association – after many requests from the media – they then changed their tactic and linked to a press release from a connected scientific institute where a completely different argument is being offered: the numbers of the “complete set” of insurance data are not showing any obvious abnormalities. In other words: the numbers presented in the press conference “weren’t complete”.

    The mainstream media then suddenly began publishing articles – often behind paywalls – accusing the political opposition party AfD who was part of the publishing team of sloppyness & sensationalism at the very least (the AfD is their main political target for years because most mainstream media outlets get subsidies in various forms by the gooberment institutions – no surprise as many outlets are BEING OWNED by the left wing political parties, especially the SPD or like the Springer conglomerate are connected to the conservative party CDU which was in power for 16 years under Merkel).

    So now we have basically two interpretations of the data:
    1 – the data is complete & correct – and people are dying left and right from suspicious causes (which should be investigated, which is still not happening on a significant scale – I wonder why…?)

    2 – the data is not complete and/or not correct – which means that there likely has been a major insurance fraud going on (that nobody discovered)

    Given the excessive deaths in other, comparable countries (vaccination rate) the second option is more than unlikely.
    Also, it is more than unlikely that the insurance companies don’t check the billing on a regular basis, at least with control sampling.

    And given that the insurance companies and their trade association are the second fiddle players in this biggest organized murder campaign and medical fraud of all time their incompetence shows in mopping up this scandal by issuing completely idiotic statement that contradict their own work.

    What will happen now is this: as the alternative media is still too small in relation to the populace (which consumes mostly public and corporate mainstream media) the history being made is that the data doesn’t even exist…

    Very similar to the “head in sand politics” of the US mainstream media in regards to the Twitter publications as of late, actually.

    This as a warning to how it will be handled in other countries if people there have the same idea of analyzing this kind of data.

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