Michelle Obama, Stacey Abrams Push for Federal Election Takeover

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Stacey Abrams and Michelle Obama push for federal election takeover

Former first lady Michelle Obama and disgraced Democrat Stacey Abrams have teamed up to push for legislation to advance the federal takeover of elections, which would completely ban voter ID laws across the country.

A new video from Abrams’ Fair Fight Action and Obama’s When We All Vote was released Thursday and features Abrams and Obama demanding a new law that would allow for the federal government to completely control elections, saying “We’re working to change the future of this nation.”

“Our democracy and our vote — the very foundation of this nation and the most powerful tools we have as citizens are under attack,” Abrams hysterically warned in the video.

“Right now, dangerous legislation is being proposed across the country that limits the freedom to vote, cast our ballots, and have our votes counted,” Obama added.

“Many of these proposals would disproportionately impact black, brown, young, and working-class voters, and voters with disabilities,” Abrams went on.

Breitbart.com reports: According to Obama, those who are pushing for stronger voting measures to ensure the legitimacy of American elections, are “counting on” those who oppose certain voting measures to “be quiet.”

“But they must not know who we are,” Abrams adds. “Our work is just beginning.”

“This fight isn’t about who’s president or who’s in Congress,” Obama claimed, with Abrams saying the initiative is about “our families, our neighborhoods, our schools, and our communities.”

Abrams also claimed the “fight” is about the “freedom to vote and the ability to make our voices heard.”

Abrams said the game plan includes “Calling on members of Congress every day,” “Checking our voter registration status,” and “Ensuring others in our community are registered.”

“We’re working to change the future of this nation,” Obama said. “It’s not gonna be easy, but nothing this important ever is.”

The video message concludes with Abrams and Obama asking, “Are you in?”