Cash Strapped NHS Offers £100,000 Contract For ‘Anti-Racism’ Consultancy Service

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The woke NHS has sparked fury after it was announced that it is now offering a £100,000 contract for an ‘anti-racism’ consultancy service.

The tender was posted by NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT), which manages blood supplies and organ donation in the UK. It says that thehe successful bidder will ’embed intentionally inclusive and anti-racist behaviours across our organisation’. 

However, critics say it’s time for the Health Service to put patients first and crack down on “woke waste”.

The Mail Online reports: NHSBT wants a ‘solution’ that includes topics such as ‘racial equity, social justice, civility, cultural intelligence, and active bystander and inclusion’.

Critics slammed the six-figure spend on ‘woke waste’ and called for ‘every penny’ to go towards frontline care instead.

Cash-strapped hospitals are considering scaling back operations this winter to balance the books, despite the waiting list sitting at an all-time high. 

But NHSBT argued that hiring an anti-racist consultancy would help to tackle backlogs by increasing the organisation’s credibility with ethnic minority Brits. It follows allegations of years of racism at the service. 

A spokesperson said: ‘This project contributes to delivering better frontline care and reducing waiting lists, particularly for patients from ethnic minority backgrounds.

‘Our staff need to be able to encourage more donors from ethnically diverse backgrounds to donate blood, organs and stem cells.

‘This will mean we give more patients the best treatment that saves and improves their lives.’

NHSBT claims that boosting donations from minority groups would reduce the organ transplant waiting list and help prevent Brits with blood disorders needing A&E care, dropping overall pressure on the NHS. 

In the application document, NHSBT wrote the consultancy was part of its ‘vision’ to be an ‘intentionally inclusive and anti-racist’ organisation. 

NHSBT added the contract will be considered a success when their employees have a greater understanding of ‘race equity’, they are not disadvantaged by their characteristics, and its recruitment policies are ‘intentionally inclusive’.

Tom Ryan, policy analyst at the TaxPayers’ Alliance campaign group, told MailOnline the public would be dismayed by the spend, adding: ‘Taxpayers are sick of seeing vital health funds spent on these right-on initiatives.

‘With waiting lists still punishingly long, every penny should be directed at delivering frontline care.

‘It’s time for the Health Service to put patients first and crack down on woke waste.’

The anti-racism contract comes just weeks after ex-health secretary Steve Barclay wrote to NHS leaders slamming them for wasting taxpayer cash on costly diversity officers rather than spending it on frontline care.

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