General Warns British Military Would Run Out Of Ammo In Just One Day Fighting Russia

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The British military’s supply of ammunition would run dry in just one day if they were directly engaged with Russia, according to a former top general.

General Sir Richard Barrons, who formerly served as the Joint Forces chief, claims that spending cuts have depleted the British military so badly that as a result the UK would run out of ammunition and artillery shells within just one day.

Breitbart reports: According to research conducted by The Sun newspaper, the United Kingdom’s ammunition plants would need at least one year to produce the amount of shells currently used by the Ukrainians in their conflict with Russia.

“This is truly shocking. But it is true. And we must fix it,” General Barrons wrote. “The UK spends more on defence than any EU ally and our brave Armed Forces have long been one of Britain’s most influential levers around the world.”

“Yet for decades they have been hollowed out by spending cuts,” he added, saying that the government would need to spend an additional £3 billion per year on the military to fall in line with the top level of the NATO alliance.

The Ministry of Defence, for its part, said that while ammunition levels are “highly classified”, it was boosting spending on ammunition stockpiles to “more than pre-invasion levels” with an extra £560 million earmarked by the Treasury.

The MoD also suggested that judging Britain’s readiness by the current conflict’s standards was disingenuous.

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