‘Unholy’ Grammy Performance Sponsored By Big Pharma Giant Pfizer

Fact checked
Satanic Grammy awards

This years Annual Grammy Awards was held in Los Angeles on Sunday night.

The spectacle was broadcast on CBS and featured the Grammy’s usual Satanic tribute which was this time apparently sponsored by none other than Pfizer.

The 2022 hit song Unholy was performed by ‘non binary’ pop star Sam Smith, dressed as Satan, and transgender singer Kim Petras.

Leading up to the performance, Sam Smith said that it would probably anger Christians and cause protests at CBS because of what he described as satanic imagery.

The satanic performance was followed by a promo that said the 2023 Grammy Award was sponsored by Pfizer.

The Gateway Pundit reports: Jill Biden made a “surprise” appearance at the end of the show. TGP report here. (Unholy is definitely a Biden family values song.)

Video of the end of the performance and Pfizer sponsor message.


Performance of Unholy:


Smith and Petras were awarded a Grammy at the show for Unholy in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category.

Lyric video:

This is indeed how indoctrination works:


  1. See here in little innocent Australia their Grammy story in prime time TV was about that obese girl and it being the first ever Fart Grammy awards. And the kiddies compering, you know the types. teeth and hair, about 34 trying to look 23, all laughed and said I love that
    Enough to make you lose your lunch.

  2. It barely got a mention in the news, and that’s because Christians don’t watch the Grammy’s only Democrats watch it’…..

    • Here it was talked about in every current affairs style propaganda programme but all they talked about was the farting fat girl

  3. Satan’s Children are making the worst parts of the Bible come true!
    The BEST part is when Satan’s Children get exterminated!
    And RUSSIA will make that part come true!

  4. As in the Days of Noah and as in the Days of Lot!
    They know they are Unholy!
    As BLM wrote in Travis Park, they come from DESPAIR!

    BLM – “Jubilant and exuberant is the melanin of our skin / From despair, we have arisen.”

    You can see them at Grammy!

    Serpent seed!

  5. went to the oscars once as a SAG union member and they shut them down as they ripped us offagain just like the trillions in patent right royuitys at HHMI and the murder of howard himself by CBS stan hugh and leta powell drake and the fake mexicans-really americans with fake passports who grabbed howard and drugged and killed him working as nurses and doctors

  6. Danny LA Rue was possibly the first singer comedian actor tyranny from England He had his TV show on here in the 1960s.
    He also made movies in England It did NOT start in America.
    Go back to the series if St Trinians movies from the 1930s or 1940s that are still showing here and rhe headmistress was a trans.
    It all started from England almost a hundred years ago now
    It’s not new. And the classic English Vampire movie and satanic thrillers aren’t either

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