Lightning Strikes Wendy’s Burger Restaurant [VIDEO]

Fact checked

A Florida man captures a lightning strike on a Wendy's fast food restaurant in Florida.


Hollin Hoffman was filming a Florida rainstorm on Sunday when he apparently caught a lightning strike on a burger bar in the background.

The Wendy’s burger bar was located in Gainesville, Florida. The video was taken by Hoffman from across the road who wanted to share footage of the rainstorm with his friends on Snapchat.

People on his YouTube channel had complained about the vertical orientation of his video. In SnapChat vertical is the proper orientation. Hoffman apologised for the improper orientation on his YouTube channel, and said the next time he films a lightning strike he’ll remember to use a horizontal orientation and will film it in high definition 4k, 1000FPS video.
But as is well known, lightning doesn’t strike twice….whatever the proper orientation.

Hollin Hoffman YouTube video:

Just taking a snapchat to show all my friends how rainy it is around here.
Well, it’s a little rainiy here in Florida and was taking a snapchat to share the rain with friends. Then…KABLOOMMKRAAH


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