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police state

The U.S. police state will be evident on election day as more cops will be deployed on streets than ever before.

The threat of terrorism is a constant, according to NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism John Miller.

Via Another Day in the Empire:

Following yet another empty threat by the Islamic State floated out on the amorphous social medium—somebody said terrorists should kill voters—Miller said the state has “come to a place where we take these things in stride and almost expect them.”

So there will be cops and a lot of them.

From ABC:

NYPD Police Chief of Department Carlos Gomez said the city is planning to deploy more police Tuesday than on any previous Election Day, with “more than double than our previous high.” He said more than 5,000 officers will work on Tuesday but would not give a specific number.

The police deployment plan will be “comparable to New Year’s Eve and when Pope Francis visited last year,” he said.

The police state was in full swing on New Year’s Eve.

NBC News on December 29:

The NYPD and the FBI unveiled plans to protect the more than 1 million people who will throng to the Crossroads of the World on New Year’s Eve — including multilayered checkpoints and a new 500-member Critical Response Command of elite counterterrorism cops launched two months ago.

No word if voters in New York City will have to pass through multilayered checkpoints bristling with heavily armed police in order to cast a vote for one of two disliked and distrusted candidates.

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