Pelosi: China Is A ‘Strong Democracy’ & ‘Is One of the Freest Societies in the World’

Fact checked

While discussing various things like the news that Donald Trump’s private residence Mar-a-Lago had been raided by the FBI, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi also weighed in on her recent trip to Taiwan.

Pelosi was speaking with NBC’s “Today” host Savannah Guthrie, emphasizing the importance of her bipartisan trip to Taiwan and China’s reactions in response. 

During the interview she described China as a “strong democracy” and “one of the freest societies in the world.”

Is communist China a democracy now?….Freudian slip by Pelosi perhaps? did she mean to say Taiwan or had she been hitting the bottle?

Full interview below:

Regarding her trip, Pelosi said: “Why don’t we just show China that we support Taiwan? It is part of the U.S. — the Taiwan Relations Act” She continued: “We didn’t go there to change our policy. We still support the One China Policy. We go there to acknowledge the status quo is what our policy is. There was nothing disruptive about that. It was only about saying China is one of the freest societies in the world. Don’t take it from me. That’s from Freedom House.”

Pelosi went on: “It’s a strong democracy; courageous people….. don’t know why it is — except there’s some commercial interests who would like to diminish the relationship….”

Guthrie forgot to ask the House Speaker why her grifter son Paul Pelosi, Jr. joined her on her Asia trip?


  1. This servant should have been Arrested, Prosecuted & Publicly Executed along with those like her “within” Our Government.

  2. Because the Jesuits are her masters and they took over China by the late 1700s They set it up as communist to build the one world government by making the western ite super rich by having the Chinese slaves as the base of their new world order pyramid of production.

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