Dutch Citizens Cover Top News Agency Windows In Stickers Representing Deaths Caused By Covid Jabs

Fact checked
stickers at Dutch news agency

The headquarters of the largest news agency in the Netherlands has been covered in thousands of sticky notes each one representing an excess death related to the Covid vaccine.

Protesters gathered outside the NOS building on Saturday, holding signs that read: “NOS = fakenews, honest research into excess mortality, and others, according to a report from Nine for News.

According to the outlet, “The post-its included texts such as ‘sudden death’, ‘heart failure after injection’, ‘suddenly the new normal’‘ and ‘Pfizer report’.

Between the stickers were also A4s that read: ‘media = virus’, ‘media stop lying’ and ‘bought journalists’


A similar demonstration was held in the UK last month, where at least six BBC buildings across the country were covered with stickers, placards and photos of people who died from the Covid vaccine.


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