BBC Windows Covered In Stickers Representing Deaths Caused By Covid Jabs

Fact checked
BBC London

People want the truth regarding the experimental covid ‘vaccines’.

Video footage from the UK shows hundreds of stickers, symbolizing loved ones believed to have been killed by the experimental jabs, plastered all over the windows of BBC studios in the UK.

Six BBC buildings were covered with placards and photos of people who died from the covid vaccine and as usual the media have remained very quiet.

InfoWars reports: A couple of the stickers were fashioned together to create the phrase “Tell the truth” and “Jabs Kill.”

A banner hanging in front of the building also says, “BBC is the Virus!”

The BBC – along with the rest of the legacy media – has been toeing the official government narrative to scare the public about COVID since the very beginning of the pandemic, refusing to cover anything that deviates from the script and demonizing anybody who challenged the lockdowns, vaccines, or official story about the virus’ origins.

Many users on social media praised the act of protest, calling for more peaceful and powerful demonstrations like these to spread to the US and Canada and to doctors offices and hospitals.


  1. People pay no attention to the writing on the wall until it slaps them in the face with, “Never trust the government” and life happens to them. Then, after beLIEving the vaccines were safe and effective and you would never get covid, they take the jab and go back to ignoring the writing on the walls again and it never occurs to them that they could be the next one to be thrown on the top of the pile of victims. There is only one thing that can snap them out of their total lack of awareness, and then its too late. It sucks to wear blinders.

  2. The WHO will turn on the governments and claim they are reckless and incapable of making decisions of the people’s health. It will be decided that the WHO will make the decisions concerning public health and organizing pandemic protocols. They’ll override the protection of state health representatives that keep the federal government from overreach and force health protocols on the people. They’ve been cooking this up for years. The mainstream media is going along with the narrative. People think the media is finally waking up, but it’s just the next step of the agenda. The WHO will blame the government for the deaths these jabs caused, make a motion to override governments decisions on public health, and basically crumble the safeguards that local governments use to shield the federal government from tyrannical rule. The WEF stated that separate governments are no longer needed. This is just a building block, trying to trap the world population into a one-world government.

    • Totally agreed! Would did anyone ever think we needed a WORLDWIDE health agency anyway, it makes no sense. Each country should have its own health agency or even better each state in the country should have its own health agency.

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