Czech President: Black Lives Matter Is an Evil ‘Racist’ Group

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Czech President says Black Lives Matter is racist

Czech President Milos Zeman has slammed Black Lives Matter (BLM) as an evil “racist” organization which aims to destroy sovereign nations.

During a speech at the American Embassy in Prague, President Zeman declared that “the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a racist slogan because all lives matter.” 

“I am here not only as an independent citizen, I am here also as a friend of America,” Zeman said.

“And in both positions, I say that the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’ is a racist slogan, because all lives matter.

“We celebrate the independence of citizens, of the faith, and of the nations,” he added.

The Epoch Times reports: He said the independence of citizens is under attack in both the Czech Republic and the United States. “This danger cannot be omitted. And we must face it,” he said, referring to recent street riots, the toppling of monuments, and the burning of cars taking place in both countries.

Some people who take part in these events declare themselves “value leaders, or even opinion leaders,” Zeman said.

“We need free thinking, we need common sense,” he said. We “do not need any big brothers who will say what the values are,” or “any new opinion leader.” Zeman said he upholds the values and traditions passed down by his parents.

U.S. Ambassador to the Czech Republic Stephen King recalled in his speech the celebration of cultural ties between both countries and the support extended by the United States to the Czech nation at challenging times.

“Our founders set down the principles of liberty, self-government, equality, and unity. Since then, we have continuously strived to further these values. Even when we disagree, we hold true to these ideas and continue to demand a more perfect union,” King said.

“I hope that when you look at America … you will always see the value of creating and maintaining stable and open democratic institutions, and societies, built on the bedrock principles of freedom and prosperity.”

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