Scientists: “Strong Magnetic Storm Will Engulf Earth On March 18th”

Fact checked
A powerful magnetic storm to engulf Earth on March 18th

Scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences have warned that a huge magnetic storm will strike Earth on March 18, disrupting satellites, GPS navigation and power grids across the planet. 

According to doctors, people may experience headaches and dizziness as a result of the storms.

During a magnetic storm, doctors advise to drink more fluids and to avoid using electrical equipment. “Try to sleep. Do not overload the body with excess coffee, alcohol, heavy food,” recommends therapist Victoria Poroshenko. reports: According to this graph, three days before the storm, on March 14, 16 and 17 , geomagnetic alterations will be experienced. Before that period, the magnetosphere will be calm.

The magnetic storm that will reach Earth on March 18 will be the third since the beginning of this year. The first was recorded on January 15 and the second on February 19.