Trump Gives Democrats Ultimatum: ‘Build The Wall Or Close The Border’

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President Donald Trump has threatened to “close the Southern Border entirely” if Democrats do not agree to provide the money needed to finish building a wall on the Mexican border.

Trump issued the ultimatum early on Friday morning as a partial government shutdown entered its seventh day with no end in sight.

He tweeted: “We will be forced to close the Southern Border entirely if the Obstructionist Democrats do not give us the money to finish the Wall & also change the ridiculous immigration laws that our Country is saddled with”

Last week Democrats refused to approve $5 billion for the wall, even though the amount is just 0.13% of the budget. Led by Rep. Nancy Pelosi (expected to become Speaker of the House in January),  they decided to let the government partially shut down instead.

RT reports: At the current rate, the partial US government shutdown will likely continue into 2019 as Democrats dig in amid an impasse over funding for Trump’s controversial border wall.

Trump added that the US loses “over 75 billion dollars” per year in trade with Mexico under the NAFTA agreement. So egregious is the disparity on trade that Trump claimed he would view the border closure as a “profit making operation.”

He also bemoaned the loss of US car manufacturing jobs to Mexico and advocated returning to pre-NAFTA trade arrangements.

While both chambers of congress met briefly on Thursday, no steps were taken to end the partial shutdown, though many lawmakers didn’t bother to show for the meetings. Both the House and Senate are scheduled to reconvene Monday.

The dispute has left hundreds of thousands of federal employees in the dark about when they will be paid, with many placed on temporary unpaid leave.

Trump has refused to sign a broader funding package, insisting that the border wall issue take precedence.

The impasse follows Democratic party victories in the midterm elections after which they will retake the House of Representatives in January.

This is likely to prevent the release of the estimated $5 billion in funding Trump claims will be needed for the initial phase of construction of the now infamous wall, which has become a hallmark of his presidency.

His political opponents claim he is holding the government hostage over a vanity project that will achieve almost nothing towards its stated aim while pandering to unnamed “right-wing radio and TV hosts.”

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  1. The Government shut down is the result of Chuck Schumer’s unwillingness to protect the American people against illegal immigrants, who continue to pour into the country on a daily basis. Many of these illegal immigrants have criminal records in their own countries. Human trafficking is another major problem along the southern border and a border wall would in fact help prevent illegal human trafficking. Sex Offenders, Pedafiles, Violent FELONS and Terrorists are also entering the United States along the currently porous southern border and greater border security would help to eliminate that threat also. What Chuck Schumer and his cohorts are doing is disgraceful and it shows their disdain in protecting the rights of American citizens vs. illegal immigrants whom Democrats obviously cherish and coddle.

    I hope the American people understand what’s going on. You’d have to be blind or willingly ignorant not to see who the real obstructionists are in this scenario. Chuckie and his crew are going to simply wait out the shutdown until Democrats retake control of the House. After that happens Democrats will once again deny funding for the border wall as they continue to pursue an open border policy while American citizens continue to die at the hands of illegal immigrants who Democrat’s now view as their new voting block to help keep them in power in perpetuity. Democrats will hopefully get their comeuppance in 2020. Democrats are trying to use this to their own political advantage even though American citizens, including low income families and the poor, will suffer as a result of the Democrat’s misguided and despicable actions in my opinion. The Republicans did their part. They passed a budget bill that included funding for greater border security. This is a Chuck Schumer shutdown since Chuckie is unwilling to protect the American people against foreign invaders……

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