Putin Signs New Law Banning Killing, Pitting & Other Forms Of Animal Mistreatment

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Russian president Vladimir Putin has signed a new law which bans killing, pitting and other forms of cruelty towards animals.

The new Russian ‘law on responsible treatment of animals‘ prohibits the killing of animals “under any pretext.”

It also outlaws the shooting or poisoning of stray dogs and cats, which has been going on in many Russian cities over recent years and the organization of animal fights has also been made illegal.  

Homeless animals will be captured, sterilized, vaccinated and then released with a special microchip under the new legislation aimed at protecting animal rights.

RT reports: Organizing animal fights and hounding beasts at other animals or people has also been made illegal.

The law orders pets to be kept in proper conditions by their masters. It bans contact or petting zoos from being opened at the malls, which is a common thing across Russia, as well as hosting animals at bars and restaurants.

In April, two bears escaped from a café and caused major havoc in Yaroslavl Region. One of the animals was captured, but the other went to the village and had to be shot dead.

The law makes life harder for numerous semi-legal circuses across Russia, which often use dangerous wild animals in their shows. In October, Russia was shocked after a lioness attacked a four-year-old girl during a traveling circus performance in Krasnodar Region. The child survived but suffered lacerated wounds to the face and other injuries.

The wild animals owned in violation of the law and without a proper license will from now be seized by the state. Hosting them at flats, residential homes and country houses has also been banned.

The new legislation states that an animal can’t be simply thrown into the street, but “should be passed to a new owner or the shelter.” Camels, ostriches and other exotic creatures have been recently found in the wild in Russia after their disingenuous masters disposed of them.

Dog owners will also face some restrictions as the law obliges them to walk their companions only in specially designated areas. It also allows punishing those, who refuse to pick up feces left by their pets in the street, with fines.