CIA Director Calls Iran “State Sponsor Of Terrorism”

Fact checked

The Director of the CIA, John Brennan, has said in a recent interview that “Iran remains a state sponsor of terrorism”. 

Despite the ongoing nuclear talks between Iran and the Obama Administration, the CIA Directors’ stance on Iran remains a skeptical one. 

He told Fox News that the U.S. should “continue to put pressure on Iran to ensure that it can not continue to destabilize some countries in the region. “ reports:

“President Obama has made ​​it clear that we will not allow Iran from this type of nuclear weapon that they were going to get. They know that if you still decide to continue in this direction, it will do so at your own risk. For the past decade, we have learned a lot. Now we can better check their statements and actions, “- said the head of the CIA threatening.

In recent years, US intelligence amazes the world with its harsh statements on their activities in relation to political or military order of other countries. Pravda.Ru wrote that recently Brennan confirmed that US foreign colleagues asked to periodically interrogate suspects of  interest in crimes, with the use of physical methods. Thus, the US Office reiterated its tolerance for torture.