Harrison Ford CAUGHT Trashing America in Mexico While Promoting New Disney Movie

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Hollywood actor Harrison Ford used a publicity appearance in Mexico City for his new Disney movie to praise Greta Thunberg and trash the United States of America, telling reporters that America has lost its “moral leadership” in the world.

Hollywood actor Harrison Ford used a publicity appearance in Mexico City for his new Disney movie to praise Greta Thunberg and trash the United States of America, telling reporters that America has lost its “moral leadership” in the world.

Ford was in Mexico City this week to promote his new movie, The Call of the Wild, based on the classic novel by Jack London. While speaking with reporters, the actor addressed environmental issues while also slamming America’s position in the world and morals.

Our position in the world is tenuous because of our lack of moral leadership, basically,” he told reporters.

Ford went on to promote young eco activists, including Greta Thunberg, the 17-year-old climate activist from Sweden who has become a darling among Hollywood elites.

I certainly applaud Greta… her activism, her role in representing the interests of young people, and I admire her courage, her fortitude, and also admire her capacity to express herself,” he said.

Science is being ridiculed by people in ideological campgrounds. They are refusing the wisdom, the discipline of science, in favor of a political point of view. And that has to stop. And I believe young people throughout the world know that it has to stop and are capable and willing to make the sacrifices to make that happen.

He added: “I applaud Greta’s part in the leadership of young people and I consider the threat to the natural world as the single biggest threat to humanity.

Breitbart report: In September, the Raiders of the Lost Ark star appeared at the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York where he gave an impassioned speech that focused primarily on the fires that were consuming large sections of the Amazon rainforest.

During the speech, Harrison Ford praised young climate activists, saying that their generation has been failed when it comes to the environment.

They are a moral army and the most important thing we can do for them is too get the hell out of their way,” he said.

Ford was in Mexico City to promote The Call of the Wild, which is being released by 20th Century, now a division of The Walt Disney Co.

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    • The only reason the climate is slightly more drastic (and uncannily predictable) is that it is being engineered by HAARP and similar installments. Leave it alone, it’ll come home.

  1. He should get his facts straight “ the moral authority —-is the Popes “ As Obama told you in plain English . Nothing democratic about it either

  2. “They are refusing the wisdom, the discipline of science,”

    Science, and Science Fiction, are the same thing! ~William Shatner~

  3. Here is a thought Harrison, why don’t you sell your helicopter and all airplanes you fly around for fun, until then why don’t you STFU?

  4. Donald J. Trump is the MOST moral president of my lifetime and I’m 65 y.o. I’ve watched him for 40 yrs, he has never hidden anything and has always been transparent with the public. He also always knows what is really going on. Now he’s spending his old age being president and being run ragged by the idiots on the left but he’s getting the job done and soon we will see the swamp rats in court. THANK YOU PRESIDENT TRUMP! I love this man.

  5. Uh!

    Who believes there is nothing wrong with America?

    If there is nothing wrong with America, why is this considered a “fake news” site by this government and all of mainstream media?

    If there is something wrong with it, how do we make it better without criticism.

    I believe critics who are being honest about their criticism actually love their country most and are true nationalists.

    Nationalists, unlike what the mainstream media propagandizes, want what is best for his brothers and sisters, understands the word derived from union is part of the name of this country, and everybody’s boat needs to be made to float for the nation to do well. They are interested in improving internal affairs, not conquest, not exceptionalism, not war.

    Patriots, on the other hand, believe in exceptionalism/hypocrisy, the false belief of being better than others, never criticize their country, are easily propagandizedto, are easily made to dehumanize others, take exception to any criticism, take orders to do heinous and stupid things without question, sign up for wars without question, and never criticize their country because they think, despite all evidence to the contrary, there is nothing to improve.

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