FBI Admit They Had Conspiracy Author Bill Cooper Under Surveillance

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Declassified documents reveal that Bill Cooper was considered "the most dangerous radio host in America".

FOI request reveals that William [Bill] Cooper was under surveillance by the FBI before his murder in 2001

A FOIA request has revealed that the FBI had former alternative researcher, author and broadcaster William (Bill) Cooper under heavy surveillance prior to his murder in 2001. 

Hundreds of unclassified documents reveal that the FBI viewed Cooper as an “armed and dangerous” person who harboured “anti-government” views. The documents describe Bill as being “convinced there is a government sponsored socialist conspiracy to establish a ‘new world order’“.

Therundownlive.com reports:


Cooper, best known for his underground best seller, “Behold a Pale Horse”, caught the FBI’s attention in 1997 over controversial allegations surrounding the Oklahoma City (OKC) bombing and Timothy McVeigh, the FOIA shows. In his broadcast, Hour of the Time, he often called the tragic incident a false flag attack by criminal elements of our government.

Shortly after the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah federal building, Rush Limbaugh read a White House memo on the air during his broadcast which named William Cooper, “…the most dangerous radio host in America”.

This contributed to Cooper believing that he was personally targeted by President Bill Clinton and the IRS for tax evasion. He often addressed his concerns over his daily broadcast, Hour of the Time, and Project VERITAS publications.

An unnamed Deputy Marshall had attempted to serve Cooper with a summons on 06/19/1998, but Cooper threw the Deputy Marshal off his property without receiving the summons. Eventually, a bench warrant for his arrest was issued for not appearing in court on a summons which was NEVER served, leading to an intense surveillance operation and a barrage of informants that would help push Cooper into constant paranoia.

The intense FBI surveillance of Cooper’s household included multiple FBI meetings, undercover agents posing as journalists, monitoring of his internet publishing, as well as testimonies from personal acquaintances and local store owners. Aerial photos were taken of his ranch.

Apache County Sheriff Arthur Lee was concerned that federal agents were preparing for a siege on Cooper’s home in order to bring him in. When asked if Lee thought Cooper represented a threat to the community, the sheriff responded that he believed, “Cooper could live in that community for the next 50 years and never receive a traffic ticket”. He went on to tell the FBI he does not want a Ruby Ridge Scenario to develop in his county.

After an anonymous tip came into local law enforcement which claimed Cooper chased two individuals off of nearby property using a firearm, they decided to take action and raid Cooper’s home in plain clothes, leading to his controversial death.

Ultimately there would be no federal prosecution. The FBI closed their investigation after Milton William Cooper’s death during the resulting shootout with Apache County Sheriff’s Deputies.

A United States Attorney granted permission to destroy items found in the Evidence Control Room and legal documents prepared by Bill Cooper.


  1. January 25, 2016 Street surveillance and skyrocketing self-defence

    All of these technologies are being used in a way that is very direct and immediate. With NSA spying, people question what exactly is the result of the surveillance? We all know that NSA surveillance is absolutely chilling free speech. But it’s harder to tell when that surveillance puts somebody in jail. With these technologies, we physically can see them being used on the street. We know they are being used particularly in street demonstrations, and certainly not only in the United States, to repress political activity.


  2. How does that go ? … Just because you are paranoid doesn’t mean they are not out to get you. Soros and the WEG alone are direct proof Bill was right about the NWO, much less the unconstitutional socialist programs and policies Joe is pushing on us.

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