FBI ‘Turned A Blind Eye’ To Hunter Biden’s Dodgy Foreign Business Deals Ahead Of 2020 Election

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According to a Bombshell congressional report, the FBI turned a blind eye to Hunter Biden paying thousands ‘to individuals involved in human trafficking & organized prostitution’ and his dodgy foreign deals as revealed on his laptop, weeks before the 2020 election

The House Judiciary Committee slammed the FBI for looking the other way and giving Hunter Biden, ‘preferential treatment’ in a 1,050 page report released Friday.

The Mail Online reports: Senior Republicans claimed the Bureau ‘downplayed’ the scandal of Hunter’s foreign business deals and potential illegal activity in the weeks before the 2020 presidential election and ‘even colluded with social media platform Facebook to suppress information.’

The report pointed to an interview in August this year of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg on the Joe Rogan Experience, in which Zuckerberg admitted his company censored stories about Joe Biden‘s involvement in Hunter’s business dealings after the FBI warned them to be on ‘on high alert’ for ‘Russian propaganda’

The report noted scandalous details revealed from Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, including a $3.5million wire from the mayor of Moscow’s widow, thousands of dollars Hunter paid ‘to individuals involved in human trafficking and organized prostitution’, his controversial board seat with a Ukrainian gas company, and the Biden family’s $10million business deal with a Chinese company with close links to the country’s communist regime. 

The committee is still demanding answers from more than 50 top current and former intelligence officials on why they labeled Hunter Biden’s laptop ‘Russian disinformation’ in an open letter ahead of the election. 

The report included copies of letters sent to the officials by the Judiciary Committee earlier this year, asking for ‘all documents and communications’ to get to the bottom of how the open letter was cooked up. 

In Spring 2021 DailyMail.com commissioned an analysis by leading cyber forensics experts which concluded that the laptop data was real. 

Other publications including the New York Times and the Washington Post have since admitted the authenticity of material on the laptop after their own investigations.

But the signatories to the letter, which include former Director of National Intelligence Jim Clapper and ex CIA directors Mike Hayden, Leon Panetta and John Brennan, have not retracted or revised their statements.

The Judiciary Committee report also rounded on one recently-retired FBI official Timothy Thibault, a senior agent in the Washington Field Office, citing Bureau whistleblowers who claim he was ‘allegedly part of the effort to suppress evidence damaging to the Biden family in the weeks before the 2020 presidential election.’

Whistleblowers disclosed to Senator Chuck Grassley, who has been investigating Hunter Biden for the past four years, that ‘there was a scheme in place among certain FBI officials to undermine derogatory information connected to Hunter Biden by falsely suggesting it was disinformation,’ the report said.

‘Thibault was part of a ‘scheme’ to discredit derogatory Hunter Biden information,’ the report said.

It added that Thibault has refused to appear for a transcribed interview with the committee, despite his public statement that he would ‘welcome any investigation’ into the case.

‘Mounting evidence from the last two years shows that Hunter Biden, son of President Biden, has received preferential treatment from federal law enforcement, who seem to have turned a blind eye to the potential national security threats presented by his business dealings with Chinese, Russian, and other foreign nationals,’ the report said.

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