Communist China Now Has More Freedom Than Democrat-Run New York City

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Residents in Communist China now enjoy more freedom than people in New York City

COVID-19 originated in Wuhan, China. Yet despite this, their citizens now enjoy more freedom than Americans living in New York City.

An hour before the “ball” was supposed to drop in Times Square on Thursday night, the scene was as depressing and bleak as the overall mood of many Americans.

Instead of a million-plus crowd of people partying and banging in the new year, the perennially largest venue for the New Year’s celebrations in the United States was completely empty.

Meanwhile, party-goers in Wuhan took to the streets without social distancing as they partied the night away.

Wuhan, China, New Year’s celebration 2020.
Times Square, New York City New Year’s Celebration 2020, one hour before the “ball” was supposed to drop. reports: We were conned from the start. We are being conned now. And many of our leaders are part of the con. Authoritarians do not see destruction from COVID-19. They see an opportunity and they’re taking it. They’re taking everything from us.

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