Hunter-in-Hiding: New Photo’s Show Joe Biden’s Son Pushing Drugs on Vulnerable Women

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New photographs show Hunder Biden pushing hard drugs on vulnerable women

Where was Hunter Biden on New Year’s eve? If the latest photo’s are anything to go by, it probably involved hard drugs and exploiting vulnerable women.

Despite Hunter Biden’s widespread exploitation of women—some of whom were VERY young—his acts which included solicitation for prostitution, trafficking, revenge porn, and possession and distribution of cocaine, there hasn’t been even one serious investigation against him. On the contrary, the DOJ and various state DAs have been suppressing the evidence for years. Just like Epstein, who for years managed dodge every bullet, Hunter too has been riding into the sun-set unphased.

The Delaware PD and DA for example had firsthand knowledge of these crimes but as late as December of 2018 made a conscious political decision to ignore them. Since the information about Hunter’s laptop came out, they have been hoping and praying that the MSM and FBI will discredit the laptop so they won’t have to explain their lack of action.

We have hours of high-res footage and images of Hunter furnishing and pressuring ‘very young’ women to smoke crack and engage in acts that would make Spritzer, Wiener, and Epstein blush. Yet, not a peep from righteous MSM outlets like CNN, NYT, WaPo, The Hill, and Politico. They just continue with a straight face to argue that the evidence is fake and is the product of Russian disinformation. reports: Will Hunter be pushing drugs on some new woman tonight?

We don’t know what Hunter will be doing tonight, but what we do know is that if it is criminal, obscene or unflattering in anyway, the mainstream media will never report on it.

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