Robert F. Kennedy Jr: ‘Bill Gates Couldn’t Even Save Windows From Viruses’- He Needs To ‘Sit Down’

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has a message for Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his plans to "save the world." According to Kennedy Jr., Gates couldn't even save his Windows operating systems from viruses, so he should "sit down" when it comes to the coronavirus.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has a message for Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his plans to “save the world.” According to Kennedy Jr., Gates couldn’t even save his Windows operating systems from viruses, so he should “sit down” when it comes to the coronavirus.

Bill Gates has announced he is spending billions of dollars to save the world from the coronavirus pandemic, outlining plans for seven factories to work overtime producing seven prospective vaccines.

But Kennedy Jr., who describes himself as a vaccine safety advocate, isn’t impressed with the Microsoft founder’s track record of pushing vaccines on vulnerable populations, and in some cases causing serious health problems.

Kennedy Jr. used his popular Instagram page to share a Story that in no uncertain terms instructed Gates to sit down and leave us the hell alone.

Of course you were unlikely to hear about the disasters unleashed by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation around the world. That’s because they involved Indian and African children and the mainstream media turned a blind eye, preferring to present Gates as a philanthropist and liberal icon.

Now, if Gates has his way, the experiment is coming home. Gates is willing to lose billions of dollars to be the first to create a coronavirus vaccine, and he has the money to make it happen.

Should we trust the man who has openly stated the world population should be reduced by 10 to 15 percent, or should we remain skeptical like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and tell Gates to “sit down”?

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


      • bit rough to throw the little kids in with him – better just him and let him infect himself

          • Yes they did. That POS, and his lackies, vaccinated EVERY SINGLE CHILD in India with 50 Polio vaccines each. Shortly afterwards almost 500,000 of them were SEVERELY paralyzed. In 2017 the India Government kicked him out and banned his vaccines from the country. He’s under a massive investigation by their Supreme Court and I hope they make him pay dearly for what he’s done. He must not be allowed to do this in the United States – it will destroy everything we stand for. The time to fight for our freedoms is now. He must be stopped.

    • he’s hardly alone + the masses are buying into this evidence free fakedemic that the 1% are using to control, and possibly reduce the global pop.. actually refusing tin inform themselves

    • being sued now, i believe, for crimes against humanity, NOT JUST in india. main problem is the 99% following him though.

  1. Gates could have made windows secure just like apple did originally He CHOSE to make the people vulnerable He chose to make them vulnerable to attack by government agents They and their lawyers compromised peoples rights to privacy and fraudulently stole the peoples basic hunan rights using devious deceirs and misleading statements about trust .

    • cause he ain’t got the skills to pull off what the comp genius in ”daemon” by daniel suarez pulls of 😉

  2. Study the contents in vaccines and you will see how this fits Gates playing God to de-populate the world.

  3. can’t, or won’t. i bet the people who do the actual work could 😉 but sometimes flaws benefit someone.

    • Hey Sablemouse,

      As someone who “does the actual work” in this field. The Church-Turing thesis pretty much restricts the idea that you can write some piece of code that can stop any possible virus or exploit.

      Take SPECTRE which exploits two – probably irreversible – changes in computer architecture which in concert create the ability to perform restricted reads from memory, or “rowhammer” where we can write repeatedly to a memory location and alter the contents of adjacent locations through induction.

  4. A way to send shock waves across the board rooms of ALL EVIL Corporations NOW that loser BILL GATES is finally outed as a criminal for causing untold millions of bux, is to seize all of his wealth as ill begotten gains, unjust enrichment as he promoted Microsoft which he could NEVER or purpose could NEVER work properly, causing millions up millions of people to spend countless hours, resources debugging, running virus programs which made Microsoft an ultra vires corporation. Since Microsoft & Apple have been used as vehicles to harm, damage millions of people both BILL GATES & pervert, GAY TIM COOK should have ALL their wealth confiscated as they are BOTH guilty of undermining the usA, Texas, the world by promoting their EVIL AGENDAS. GATES willfully knowing promoted shooting innocent babies, on a Ted Chat, to lower the world’s population explosion & we should fry TIM COOK for promoting alternative life styles that poisons the soul of of any nation. I can go on – there are other techies that require absolution, as each are predators. Further there are other industries that have harmed We the People for decades. Anyone support the idea?

  5. Robert F. Kennedy YOU ARE THE MAN!! What you said about Bill Gates above hits the nail on the head – his Microsoft products are crap and he can’t even keep them from getting viruses. You have the guts enough to go up against this Nazi madman and put him in his place. I will be behind you 100% and we will all take this idiot down together. Then we can sit at table with a round of drinks to celebrate. Thank you for standing your ground and fighting for what America was founded on in the first place – freedom.

  6. Gate’s “vaccine” will be like microsoft windows, always needing “updates”, only in this case, “updates” will be needed in order to stay alive. The vaccine is not a weakened “viral agent” designed to provoke an immunologic response as in “normal” vaccines, but is a DNA modification scheme which permanently alters human DNA in the recipient.

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