Ebola Vaccination In The News Just Days Before Alabama ‘Ebola Scare’

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Is it nothing more than a coincidence that the ebola vaccination has been making headline news just ahead of a reported ebola scare in Alabama?

The Lancet published results last week suggesting the new Ebola Vaccine was “highly effective” and maybe even 100 percent effective at protecting against Ebola. This was reported by several main stream news outlets.

All news pipeline reports: What are the odds that just days after the MSM and other sites pick up the story that all of a sudden we see an “Ebola scare” in Birmingham, AL., despite previous reports from late 2014 that ““The Associated Press and other press outlets have agreed not to report on suspected cases of Ebola in the United States until a positive viral RNA test is completed,?” This was confirmed by a report on Natural News as well on November 6, 2014, titled “Ebola cover-up revealed! Pandemic news ordered shut down by feds as NYC Ebola watch list explodes to 357 people.”

So, the MSM bows down to Washington, agrees to not report “suspected” cases of Ebola in the United States, yet this latest scare has been reported by the AP just a little over an hour ago with the headline “Officials: Alabama home quarantined over possible Ebola case,” and NBC affiliate WVTM13 headlines “Man being treated for Ebola-like symptoms in Birmingham,” and ABC News reports “Patient taken to UAB Hospital with Ebola-like symptoms; 8 others being monitored.

Just to name a small sample of this news and the MSM outlets reporting it, coincidentally just days after the breaking news of a miracle vaccine.

Here is the kicker… a report from AL.com, updated before the linked AP article above, states that “No Ebola found in Birmingham patient, family members, firefighters.”

Why all of a sudden is Ebola back in the news here in the US?

The answer is perhaps hinted at in an Activsit Post article from August 4, 2015 where they report an entire hospital emergency room was locked down for nine hours because of a case of chickenpox, which as they note is a primarily benign disease. That article is noteworthy because of the following critical points:

Hm. Could it be because the CDC whistleblower case is back in the news, with Rep. Posey asking Congress for a full investigation into why CDC scientists intentionally destroyed documents and misrepresented data in their own study which linked the MMR vaccine to a 340% increased risk of autism?

But the ultimate question is this: Why are we passing all this legislation to attempt to force people to take these CDC recommended vaccines and give these vaccines to their children like this agency knows best for us when the CDC obviously lies and omits data from its own studies in an attempt to cover up the dangers?

All this comes amidst a very heated debate over mandatory vaccines, such as the recent enactment of mandatory vaccines for California students.

For those that do not believe in an overbundances of coincidences, this could be seen as a precurser that the vaccine battle and mandatory vaccine agenda is getting ready to accelerate.


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