WEF: Trans People Are Justified In Seeking Vengeance on ‘Evil’ Christians

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The shooting in Nashville was an orchestrated plot by the elites to terrorize American families and Christians, while at the same time furthering their gun grab agenda.

The World Economic Forum weren’t joking when they said they want to murder your god-fearing grandparents, eradicate your useless children, and sterilize those who don’t conform to their radical eugenics agenda – and this week’s Deep State execution on a classroom of terrified young white Christians was a warning shot by the globalist elite to the rest of America – we are coming for you next.

In this video we are going to show you how the shooting in Nashville was an orchestrated plot by the elites, a terrorist attack, using the three-letter agencies as facilitators, to terrorize American families and Christians, while at the same time furthering their gun grab agenda.

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Just a few days ago, the narrative in the mainstream media was that transgenders should arm themselves to fight transphobia. Two days later, Audrey Hale, a transgender, murdered six people in cold blood. The mainstream media is inciting violence against middle America.

Words have consequences. And there has been an orchestrated campaign to endorse transgender violence which peaked just before the shooting.

If you’ve been paying attention lately, you’ll have noticed the subtle transformation from so-called “victims” to “terrorists” that’s taken place within the trans community.

We are starting to see a lot of very aggressive and violent marketing campaigns from the transgender community. For example, the chilling“Trans Rights…Or Else” movement showcases mentally and emotionally unbalanced people, literally threatening the public with guns.

Accept us, or else…

Or else what? The shirts they’re wearing leave little to the imagination.

These t-shirts transgender activists are pictured wearing are a text book examples of “domestic terrorism.”

The left-wing political class are involved too. Here is the Lieutenant Gov. of Minnesota.

And Katie Hobbs’ spokeswoman posted this tweet hours after the Nashville shooting, essentially endorsing the targeting of Christians with violence.

The elite have instructed mainstream media to push the narrative that the transgender community are in the midst of a historical genocide.

If you keep telling mentally ill kids that people disagreeing with them is literal genocide, eventually one of them is going to pick up a weapon.

And what about all of this so-called “violence” being perpetrated against the trans community? The so-called “genocide”…

Many are saying they’re not seeing it. All they see is strong, righteous push back from conservatives who are hell-bent on saving minors from being pumped full of hormones and having their genitals lobbed off before they are old enough to make an informed decision about who they really are.

Real violence is tangible, and sadly, we see it from the trans community all too often.

For example, the 2022 Colorado Springs shooter identified as “non-binary.”

The 2019 Denver school shooter identified as transgender.

The 2018 Maryland Rite Aid shooter identified as transgender.

And of course, the recent Nashville shooter was also transgender.

To any sane and normal-thinking person this signifies a huge problem within the trans community. Women don’t usually run around committing mass-murder like this.

So who is radicalizing these kids?

That’s what Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Glenn Greenwald would like to know.

As Mike Cernovich pointed out, no other group, per capita, is committing more violence than the Transgender community.

But instead of answering this question like responsible adults, the media and the left are hysterically throwing around words like “transphobe” and “bigot,” and suggesting anyone who asks questions are committing a hate crime.

Let’s face it, the mainstream media is the propaganda arm of the globalist elite. This is just their way of silencing you. Don’t fall for it.

The globalist elite, led by the World Economic Forum, has been grooming your children for years, controlling media narratives and infiltrating educational institutions, and they have created an army of radicalized, brainwashed terrorists. These young people, Klaus Schwab’s soldiers, are now they are now being unleashed on mainstream society, with a target on the back of every Christian.

Here is another one of Schwab’s soldiers, openly endorsing the killing of what they are calling “christcucks.” The message reads: “Kill christcucks. Behead christcucks. Roundhouse kick a christcuck into the concrete. Slam dunk a christcuck baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy christcucks. Defecate in a christcuck’s food. Launch christcucks into the sun.”

And there are plenty more where that came from.

Despite all of this, according to the mainstream media, no motive has been determined! Not a single headline in a major newspaper dares to mention the words transgender, Christian or targeted.

The shooter left a manifesto, which has conveniently been withheld from the public, and they are trying to claim no motive was written down? It’s time to wake up and smell the coffee. The motive is as clear as day and the media are desperately trying to spin this one politically and make trans people the victims.

The mainstream media and Hollywood love these gun-toting trannys. They’ve been cheering on and inciting these “vengeful” transgender groups for eons.

Two weeks ago Jane Fonda stated on The View that murdering pro-life Christians was a good alternative to marching and peacefully protesting.

But it gets even worse…

Next week, on April 1st the LGBTQ community has a Trans Day of Vengeance planned. And again, there’s the word “genocide.”

You would think this group would postpone this violent/vengeful meetup after yet another “trans shooting” out of respect for the victims.

But you would be wrong… The Trans Day of Vengeance is still going ahead.

After all, these angry, confused people are proud of being “radical.” It’s actually part of their name in some cases… and this is about so-called “genocide,” right?

The agenda to incite transgender radicals to commit terrorist acts has been so strong that Tucker Carlson finally called them out just a few days before this latest transgender school shooting.

The timing was eery, to say the least…

The battle lines have been clearly drawn. Which side are you on?

Over the past 50 years, the American people have been granted a deep peek into the ‘deep state with the unveiling of Project MKUltra, the CIA’s secretive program of research in behavioral modification, through a United States Senate Joint Hearing before the Select Committee on Intelligence and the Subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research, all the way back in August of 1977.

What was once a conspiracy theory became a conspiracy fact.

We have 100% proof that the ‘deep state‘ was heavily dabbling in ‘mind control‘ on behalf of the globalist elite, with the work starting back in 1953, and ALLEGEDLY halting back in 1973 – but we also know with 100% that the the work was never stopped and is still being used to this day, with the CIA now having a brand new army of mind-controlled, aka ‘MK-Ultracated slaves‘ they can use to carry out mass murder across America as they try to grab Americans guns, demonize conservatives and christians, and wield control of insane army of violent radicals all across America, as seen horrifically in Nashville.

And we know the globalist elite are using sound waves to mind-control people. We know this because they told us.

If you need any more proof that the globalists are still heavily invested in ‘mind control‘ as part of their diabolical plans for our futures, look at this story saved at ‘archive.org’ after the World Economic Forum tried to scrub it from the internet. In 2018 the WEF bluntly stated that the future will bring them ‘mind control via sound waves’

The WEF deleted all evidence about this from the internet, but we saved it and made a whole video about their evil mind-control agenda. It is definitely worth a look if you need to update your knowledge in this area. While you are there, join the People’s Voice Locals community to support the channel and gain access to exclusive and uncensored content.


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