Woman Killed By Tiger In Safari Park After Leaving Car To Save Daughter

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Two women were dragged off by Siberian tigers and one was mauled to death after leaving their car at a drive-thru Safari park in China during a heated argument.

Hollywood Life reports:

In the jaw-dropping video, the daughter can be seen exiting the passenger side of a white car to walk over to the driver’s side. Chinese media site Sohu reported that the family – one older woman, a younger woman, a child and a man – were all visiting the tiger enclosure before the younger woman and man allegedly got into an altercation, leading her to storm out of the car. As the younger woman continues to disregard the warnings on several signs, the dramatic clip shows the tiger first attacking, then dragging away her limp body.

From that startling moment, the man wearing a blue shirt can be seen exiting the vehicle, taking a moment to consider how to save her, before running into the grassy planes in a panic. Within a second or two, the mother also risks her own life by flying out of the back seat to chase after her daughter.  All three people were off camera when a different Siberian tiger mauled and killed the mother, according to officials. Authorities are still investigating the horrific incident.



Footage shows shocking tiger attack in Beijing’s wildlife park

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