Donald Trump Blames Lack Of 9/11 Tailgate Evidence On Days Of Yore

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Donald Trump

Donald Trump has defended his stance on seeing ‘with his own eyes’ thousands, or maybe hundreds of people celebrating 9/11 with rooftop parties as it was happening, implying that they might have been Muslims.

The Donald has had to defend himself to a host of 9/11 truthers who doubt ever hearing or seeing such an accusation after pouring over every possible scrap of information on the 11th September 2001 attacks.

Millions of pages and documents and a few photographic and video evidence have been minutely scrutinized by ‘truthers’ and ‘doubters’ worldwide. A myriad of assumptions have emerged as to the why and how, and not anywhere has any scrap of info on 1000’s of Muslims or even 100’s, or even 100’s knowing of others who might have noticed the Muslim conspiracy, has emerged.

Donald Trump has defended himself by saying that the lack of evidence to back his conspiracy theory is due to primitive technology. Maybe that is why there is hardly any photographic evidence of much of anything from that day’s historic event, including a gigantic plane flying at an amazing altitude going unnoticed by all and sundry, as it ploughs through one of the most expensively secured buildings on the planet, while the technology of yore was sound sleep or having hiccups, or trying to deal with hiccups.

Gawker reports:

Trump was a caller on MSNBC’s Morning Joe this morning when he lit upon the explanation, telling Willie Geist that the “hundreds” of his supporters who also say they saw the parties can’t be wrong.

“They’ll find something. They’re going to find something,” Trump insisted, before explaining that “they” probably won’t find something because of the “ancient” technology used in 2001.

“Don’t forget, 14, 15 years ago, it wasn’t like it is today, where you press a button and you play a video. Fourteen, 15 years ago, they don’t even put it in files, they destroy half of the stuff. You know, if you look back 14, 15 years, that was like ancient times in terms of cinema, and in terms of news and everything else. They don’t have the same stuff. Today you can press a button and you can see exactly what went on, you know, two years ago. But when you go back 14, 15 years, that’s like ancient technology, Joe.”

Donald Trump
UFO (unidentified flying object) captured by a lone Pentagon security camera.

A hiccup later

Donald Trump
Supposed tail fin of a Jumbo Jet captured by an alert security camera just before it vanishes and ploughs through the Pentagon.


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