Queen Elizabeth Demands Emergency General Election Over Brexit Failures

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Queen Elizabeth wishes to hold an emergency General Election in light of the failure by the Tory party to make Brexit a reality.

Furious Queen Elizabeth is holding high-level talks with advisors and counsel over an unprecedented constitutional crisis created by her current government, the Tories, who have reneged on their promise to make Brexit a reality on behalf of the British population.

The Queen, who has never before directly interfered in the democratic process, wishes to hold an emergency General Election in light of the betrayal, which will mark the first time since 1707 that a British monarch will use their power to intervene politically, when Queen Anne refused to grant Royal Assent to a Bill for settling militia in Scotland.

The Queen has basically threatened Theresa May that if she doesn’t hold a General Election within six months, she will accept Jeremy Corbyn’s request to form a new government,” a Labour spokesperson said, explaining that the Queen has informed the Prime Minister of her decision, and advised the Opposition Leader.

One must uphold the will of the British people or we end up with tyranny. As head of state I will not sit idly by whilst our constitutional democracy is undermined,” the Queen told the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader.

Prime Minister May is said to be ruminating on her position in light of Queen Elizabeth’s pronouncement, stalling for time while deciding how she may be able to “cling onto power“, according to the Labour Party spokesperson, who said, “The fact the Prime Minister hasn’t gone public with the news yet shows the desperate position she is in. The Queen has called her out on her deceit. This is hugely embarrassing for the Prime Minister. The Queen has basically decided that Theresa May is incompetent to serve the British people said that it’s the Opposition Leader’s turn to govern.”

“Democracy is under threat”

Queen Elizabeth, as the British constitutional monarch, has the power to intervene in the democratic process, but is only planning on doing so because she believes “democracy is under threat.

According to the Queen, the people’s voice must be respected. A second referendum would invalidate the democratic voice of those who cast ballots in the first. The Queen has stipulated that whoever is Prime Minister in six months time MUST see Brexit through within a two year time frame, as per the wishes of the British people.

The monarch’s political powers are largely ceremonial, though some are actively used by the Queen such as at General Elections or are available in times of crisis for expediency when needed.

Under British law, the Parliamentary Opposition can request to form a new government, and if the monarch accepts the request, a new Prime Minister and government is formed.

Though Corbyn is a republican who believes the United Kingdom’s interests would be best served without a monarchy, he is understood to be “highly respectful of the Queen as a leader” and “chuffed to bits” by her official advisement.

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