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Missile attack in Ukraine exposed as inside job

The missile attack on a Kramastorsk train station on Thursday was a “inside job” conducted by the Ukrainian military as a means to frame Russia for fake “war crimes,” new evidence suggests.

The attack on Thursday left 50 people dead, including five children, and over 100 Ukrainians injured.

The mainstream media is unquestioningly parroting the Ukrainian government’s report on the deadly attack, ignoring evidence that suggests the attack was actually conducted by Ukrainian officials. reports: For example, a headline on the Drudge Report definitively claims “Moscow missile kills at least 50 civilians,” and nearly every major US outlet followed with similar articles.

Joe Biden published a statement on Twitter, writing, “The attack on a Ukrainian train station is yet another horrific atrocity committed by Russia, striking civilians who were trying to evacuate and reach safety.”

Sleepy Joe even admitted there hasn’t been an investigation confirming who’s behind the assault, posting, “we will support efforts to investigate this attack as we document Russia’s actions and hold them accountable.”

Meanwhile, the Russian Ministry of Defense released a statement claiming they were not behind the attack and that it is being used to stop the people from the pro-Russian area from leaving the danger zone so the Ukraine military can use them as human shields.

“The aim of Kiev regime’s strike on the railway station in Kramatorsk was to disrupt the mass exit of residents from the city in order to use them as a ‘human shield’ to defend Ukrainian armed forces positions, as in many other Ukrainian population centres,” the Russian MOD declared.

The Russians also noted the photograph of the projectile used in the attack shows a Tochka-U missile, which they say is used only by the Ukrainian military.

The words “for the children” were written on the side of the missile, which is disturbingly ironic considering it killed several.

Russia claims their intel shows “the strike on Kramatorsk railway station was carried out by missile division of the Ukrainian armed forces from area of Dobropol’e, 45 kilometres south-west of the city.”

The Tochka-U was allegedly replaced by the Iskander in 2019 and Russia says the missiles are not even in service.

However, a video being spread by pro-Ukraine accounts purports to show Russian military units carrying the missiles.

In response to the footage, Russia stated, “Kiev regime has posted on social media pictures of Tochka-U missile launchers that took part in ‘Union Courage 2022‘ Russian-Belarusian exercise in February.”

A keen observer in the Twitter comments of the video also noted that in mid to late March, there was no heavy snow in that area of Belarus.

Former UN weapons inspector Scott Ridder thinks the missile was launched from a Ukraine-controlled area toward the mostly pro-Russian civilians.

The map he posted matches a Russian MOD statement, claiming, “An analysis of the engagement radius of the warhead, as well as the characteristic position of Tochka-U missile’s tail section, clearly confirm that it was launched from a south-western direction away from Kramatorsk.”

One Twitter user accurately explained a similar incident has already been recorded, writing, “Ukraine hit the center of Donetsk w the same Tochka-U rocket on March 14 killing 30 & injuring many more. Independent journalist @PLnewstoday was on the scene within minutes documenting the grotesque aftermath that got next to no coverage on western media.”

Watch the report below to see firsthand, eyewitness accounts by civilians who are sure the Ukrainians were behind the deadly attack.

According to Russia, Kiev’s decision to target civilians is “not random” as they want to “maximize the number of civilian victims.”

“Their murders in Donbas have become standard practice for Ukrainian armed units in the past eight years,” Russia stated. “By cynically killing civilians in cold blood, Kiev is trying to blame Russia for its own crimes in order to discredit Moscow’s special military operation to defend the DPR and the LPR.”

Concluding its statement, the Russian MOD said, “We urge the international community to objectively evaluate the crimes committed by Ukrainian units, to stop supplying them with arms and prompt Kiev to renounce its unacceptable methods of hostility.”

The mainstream media and politicians of the world are once again rushing to accuse Russia of an atrocious war crime before an investigation has even commenced.

The allegation conveniently comes just one day after Russia was suspended from the UN Human Rights Council in connection with the Bucha Massacre, which Russia has also denied carrying out.

Will the truth about the deaths of these innocent civilians ever be revealed?

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